It is very difficult to remove hair follicles in both FUT and especially FUE technique in people with curly hair, especially in the black race we call Afro-American. However, in our experienced hands, we can remove approximately 2500 – 3000 grafts in one session on curly hair. The difficult thing is to keep curly hair curling under the skin and to remove the curled root under the skin, which is impossible to see, with a straight cutter.

The most important point here is the depth of the hair follicles, which the surgeon cannot understand before starting the operation. If the hair follicles are deep, long and the curl continues under the skin, it becomes more difficult to remove the follicle without damaging it. It is easier and more efficient to take roots closer to the surface in Afro-American hair transplant.

How We Perform Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant specialists in our clinic offer exceptional skills and extensive experience in ethnic hair restoration and ethnic cosmetic surgery. Our Afro-American hair transplant surgeons know the common challenges faced by Black patients suffering from hair loss. Therefore, they specially design appropriate hair transplant techniques to provide the unique properties of an Afro hair.

Hair transplantation for Black patients addresses the special nature of Africans’ hair by developing a highly specialized treatment technique to achieve the best results they want.

Suitable Candidates for African American Hair Transplant

Hair loss in men is a result of androgenic hair loss, which is also known as male pattern baldness, which usually occurs in the crown of the head.

However, in Afro men, a broad pattern can sometimes be the root cause of hair loss. Our hair transplant surgeons are knowledgeable about various hair diseases that can affect female black patients and are experts in special ethnic hair restoration techniques.

Hair Transplant for Afro-American Women

Tight braids and chemical hair straighteners Traction alopecia caused by black women suffering from hair loss, candidates are suitable for Afro hair transplantation surgery in Turkey.

Hair transplantation and hair loss for black women may be different. The most common condition affecting African women is traction alopecia. This can be caused by tight braids, hair extensions or chemical hair straighteners.

Before applying hair transplantation to Afro-Americans, our hair transplant doctors evaluate the condition of hair loss and investigate the causes. We are working very meticulously in this regard.

Traction alopecia and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, which are among the causes of hair loss, are common in African female patients. It explores the many problems such as thinning hair in women living in Turkey; However, hair transplantation may offer a more appropriate surgical approach to black female patients with hair loss.

Hair Transplant Techniques We Apply to African Americans

During an Afro hair transplant surgery, our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul use a special transplant method using the hair grafts in the area of application, the “screw in” texture that guarantees that the transplant will be healthy.

Hair Transplant for Afro-American Men

When it comes to hair loss, black Afro men have certain characteristics unlike Caucasian or Asian men. It is very important for hair transplant specialists to know these specific features and to have the necessary experience and understanding.

However, in our clinic, they perform Afro hair transplantation using the same hair restoration techniques (with some special changes) with the hair transplantation method suitable for white individuals.

Curly hair in black men is a difficult technique to use in follicular unit extraction (FUE). In cases where the FUE technique is difficult, we use the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method.

Some patients with Afro hair may experience a problem called Keloid formation during recovery, where large thick scars can form even after a small skin wound. This problem may arise in black patients who have had FUT hair transplantation.

Ethnic Hair Transplant Fee

The cost of the Afro-American hair transplantation in Turkey is quite suitable for patients coming from the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Low cost of living, high exchange rate of British Pound above Turkish Lira enables patients from abroad to save 70 percent on treatment costs. As Hair of Istanbul, we offer you hair transplant packages. You can contact us for detailed information.