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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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Doctor Emine Karabash together with Doctor Mustafa Yilmaz and the entire Turkey Hair Expert Clinic team in Istanbul are at your disposal. Contact us for a tailor-made hair transplant consultation and quote.

Let us take care of you We only treat one client at a time, very privately.

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    Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT, Strip FUT Hair Transplants, What are the benefits and drawbacks of FUT over FUE

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    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is likewise referred to as Strip Surgery because it includes taking a skinny strip of pores and skin with inta..

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is likewise referred to as Strip Surgery because it includes taking a skinny strip of pores and skin with intact hair follicles from the ‘safe’ or ‘permanent’ sector on the again and facets of the top.


    The strip is then dissected with the aid of using our surgical assistants below microscopes into character follicular units (using microscopes in hair transplant surgical procedure is related to much less harm to the follicles).


    Strip / FUT Hair Transplants

    FUT hair transplant calls for no shaving and is appropriate for the ones sufferers with little donor hair and FUT hair transplant surgical procedure  is for African background curly hair kinds. This method approach that curly hair isn't transacted or broken for the duration of character extraction. We understand that very curly African background hair kinds may have scarring due to FUE and consequently this method is extra appropriate for them.




    We provide FUT with the aid of using our reputable and relatively skilled hair transplant health care professional health care professional Dr Mir Malkani.


    For many guys, there may be not anything incorrect with being bald, it may be a way of life preference, and it's far one which a few human beings are very cushty with. However, for each guy satisfied together along with his hair loss, there are probable  or 3 guys who hate their thinning and balding head, who resent each glimpse of scalp displaying thru withinside the mirror, pictures or CCTV, and who could do nearly whatever to maintain and repair hair.


    The system of strip hair transplants is a fantastically easy one. A slender strip of pores and skin is surgically eliminated from a place at the again of the top wherein hair increase is appropriate, and hair is DHT (male hormone) resistant. The strip of pores and skin is then positioned below effective microscopes, and follicles or grafts are separated from the pores and skin as they clearly arise with fantastic care, precision and skill. These tiny follicles or grafts are then positioned, or grafted, into tiny incisions withinside the recipient place at the scalp.


    It is really well worth noting that FUT will usually end result right into a PERMANENT linear scar in the back of the top, the donor place which maximum of the instances BUT NOT ALWAYS has a tendency to be very slender and unnoticeable. Patients will should be organized to put on hair lengthy sufficient in the back of the top to hide scar.


    People who're appropriate applicants for this sort of technique are folks who can not or will now no longer need to comply with shave again of the top (that's important for FUE).


    It will be a male or a woman or everyone who could now no longer like colleagues and buddies or own circle of relatives to note a surprising extrade withinside the coiffure to “Crew Cut” after  weeks after they normally go back to work.


    After Strip Surgery anticipate ache withinside the donor place that's now stitched. Expect to take an awesome few days off following the technique, and you may want appropriate and robust ache relief. Your scalp/donor place might be sore/ painful, likely swollen and tight till the wound withinside the donor place healed up.


    Patients may also enjoy a diploma of numbness above the scar for an unpredictable length because of interruption of pores and skin nerves.


    Very rarely, the grafts do now no longer work, or an contamination occurs (as in any surgical / Medical technique, there aren't anyt any ensures of the preferred final results however our health care professional Dr Malkani will make sure which you are completely knowledgeable of any threat earlier than the operation is scheduled. Do now no longer be alarmed if the transplanted hair falls out, inside six weeks of the transplant, new strong hair increase ought to begin coming thru, and the very last outcomes of the transplant may be visible at round 6 to one year submit-technique (that is equal as in FUE).


    The prospect of being capable of develop hair again (with the aid of using FUE or FUT method) may be fairly liberating, boosting self assurance and self- esteem – in case you don’t like your hair loss or should positioned up with feedback with the aid of using others approximately your hair loss or but your hair loss bothers you why now no longer, touch us today, have a loose frank and sincere session with our Surgeon and spot what your alternatives are. We are right here to assist and do now no longer, entice, incentivise or pressurise sufferers into treatments.


    Aftercare Plan

    You might be furnished with an aftercare plan submit hair transplant surgical procedure, and is the reason a way to high-satisfactory appearance after your transplanted hair. In addition, we are able to be with you for as much as one year submit-surgical procedure and at some point of your hair increase adventure to decorate and sell your healing and repair your self assurance and outcomes.


    Once dissected they're cited as ‘grafts’ and every graft would possibly contain of 1, 2 or three hairs. These grafts are then positioned into tiny incisions withinside the recipient sector wherein there may be hair loss in a manner to present you the maximum herbal outcomes.


    The place at the scalp wherein the strip become taken is closed with a pleasant sew that's eliminated 12-14 days submit op.


    Most sufferers may have a couple of FUT technique, however scalp laxity may be an problem and graft numbers received will lower accordingly. Surgical making plans and appropriate surgical method is crucial to keep away from headaches and for this reason it's far beneficial on your health practitioner to have a surgical background.


    FUT is most appropriate wherein the donor place will now no longer permit enough graft numbers with the FUE method, which your health care professional might be capin a position to inform you, or in case you are unwilling to shave the again of your head.


    What are the benefits and drawbacks of FUT over FUE

    The foremost benefit of FUT is that large graft numbers may be completed and also you do now no longer want to shave the again of your head.  It additionally has a tendency to supply a higher fine of graft (despite the fact that a equipped FUE health care professional ought to be capable of produce similarly appropriate grafts).


    The downside is that a linear scar is left wherein the strip is taken, which may also restrict your hair period to a grade three or four haircut. For that cause FUE is usually a higher preference for more youthful sufferers or for folks who would possibly need to reduce their hair very brief withinside the future. FUT is likewise taken into consideration to be a extra invasive technique and is related to mild elevated submit-operative ache.

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