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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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Doctor Emine Karabash together with Doctor Mustafa Yilmaz and the entire Turkey Hair Expert Clinic team in Istanbul are at your disposal. Contact us for a tailor-made hair transplant consultation and quote.

Let us take care of you We only treat one client at a time, very privately.

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  • Tags: FUE Hair Transplant, The FUE Technique, On the day of the Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Hair Transplant Prices, Private Hair loss prescription

    FUE Hair Transplant, The FUE Technique, On the day of the Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Hair Transplant Prices, Private Hair loss prescription

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    FUE Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant FUE is the contemporary shape of hair transplant approach which calls for no ..

    FUE Hair Transplant

    (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant

    FUE is the contemporary shape of hair transplant approach which calls for no cuts or stitches.


    In FUE a persons’ very own hair are in my opinion extracted with unique micro needles and implanted wherein they're wanted. It is like planting “flower bulbs”. The hair then settle withinside the new area and begin developing as regular hair which got here be reduce and dyed.


    IK Clinics specialize withinside the third era FUE, because of this that that we use the contemporary and maximum superior tools. In fact, we're one of the best 2 clinics withinside the UK that makes use of titanium implanters for putting hairs withinside the head to make certain grafts aren't broken in transplant process.



    Natural & lasting Hair

    Quick recovery

    No Stitches

    No Scars

    Restored confidence

    The FUE Technique

    You may be acquired via way of means of our pleasant workforce at medical institution. If you feel nervous, your general practitioner will set up for you've got got medicinal drug that will help you loosen up and sleep.

    First a part of your method may be accomplished with you mendacity down so the lower back of your head may be numbed. Most sufferers loosen up, pay attention to song or sleep.

    Individual hair follicles are cautiously extracted the usage of a unique micro instrument. Hair extraction is ache free.

    The hair follicles are garage in a unique saline answer whilst affected person has his lunch and relaxes.

    In 2nd component general practitioner will draw your agreed hairline and reconfirm in case you are satisfied with the design. Next the vicinity to be handled is numbed and hair follicles, are cautiously implanted with custom made implanters.

    Great care is taken to implant hairs at accurate angles matching your herbal hair.

    This interest to element is essential in getting a herbal searching end result. Getting hair course accurate is crucial for beard and eye forehead transplant.

    Transplanted hair is predicted to develop completely as they're taken from a part of the pinnacle that don't fall with age.

    You cross domestic feeling first-rate with out want for any ache killers.

    From subsequent day maximum humans keep on their regular each day sports however we suggest you to take it smooth for the primary five days. Do now no longer do heavy bodily exertion for the primary five days. You can put on a cap 2 days after your transplant.

    You will begin seeing new hair developing from 4th month after your transplant however it takes twelve months for all transplanted hairs to develop.

    2 weeks earlier than Hair Transplant

    Please keep away from ingesting immoderate alcohol, ingesting very highly spiced meals or ingesting protein shakes (used for muscle building) for at the least 3 days previous to your method to lessen hazard of bruising.


    If you take any everyday medications, retain taking them along with at the day of your hair transplant. Always talk your clinical situations and drugs together along with your general practitioner however do now no longer prevent taking them abruptly.


    Please keep away from taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac and so forth in the course of the 1 week earlier than your hair transplant. Its secure to take paracetamol or co-codamol for aches and pains.


    On the day of the Transplant

    Please keep away from having caffeinated beverages i-etea, coffee, coke and so forth at the dayofthe method.


    Have a regular breakfast inthe morning and arrive in comfortable clothingwith afront buttoned/zipped pinnacle for easeof dressing after the method.


    Eyebrow Transplant 

    The hair transplanted to eyebrows will keep growing and should consequently be periodically reduce.


    Hair Transplant Prices

    Patients regularly ask in the event that they want a Hair loss remedy? Or if Hair transplant is really well worth the fee? Our reaction is constantly that best you may determine in case you want or need a hair transplant!

    Once you've got got determined which you need to do something positive about your hair woes, the following step is


    1-Choose a general practitioner you sense is aware your worries and a medical institution this is secure and reputable.


    2-Understand your expenses. Costs and charges for hair transplant strategies rely closely on the extent of your person hair loss. Your Hair transplant fee is likewise tormented by your aspirations and the selected technique of hair transplant surgery. The best certain manner to be greater particular at the quantity of grafts required and the fee, is thru a non-public session with one in all our surgeons.


    We are recognised for our comparatively cheap and exquisite hair transplant strategies however inevitably, expenses have a tendency to upward thrust with the fine and enjoy of your general practitioner.


    A hair transplant is an funding of it slow and money, so it’s vital which you’re completely knowledgeable of your alternatives and which you make an effort to determine at the first-class path of movement for you – that’s wherein we are able to help. Our enjoy from treating heaps of hair loss patients places us withinside the proper function to first-class cater in your person desires.


    Please undergo in thoughts that a reasonably-priced hair transplant may be very high priced in phrases of restore paintings and really negative results. At IK Clinics we're completely regulated and ruled and surpassed our maximum latest inspection with a five star (the very best rating) score. Some of the transplants being done out of doors of the United Kingdom can cause extreme problems – see link



    Generally, the frontal vicinity is the maximum vital – it’s what you notice withinside the replicate and what humans see whilst speaking to you. The crown is much less apparent however normally desires greater grafts to cowl it completely as hair has a tendency to develop in unique directions. In the mid element and frontal regions of our head, hair grows in this kind of manner that they fall on pinnacle of each other and provide higher density. We are completely privy to hair boom styles and are skilled in copying current boom traces and boom shapes to make certain your very last end result is as actual as possible.


    At IK Clinics we price a hard and fast fee of £2.50 consistent with follicular graft for FUE. We want to be obvious approximately our costings and we’ll come up with a fee in your complete remedy in the course of preliminary session.


    A follicle is organization of hairs. At IK Clinics we concentrate on extracting 3-five haired follicles with a tiny 0.eight mm punch leaving no scarring.


    Attached is a picturegraph for reference


    Ik Clinics specialises in FUE Hair transplants with four hairs in every follicle

    Hair Follicles

    A diagram to give an explanation for how the fee of a hair transplant can be calculated

    You can upload  or greater regions collectively to estimate the quantity of grafts wanted however genuine quantity of follicles may be counseled via way of means of your general practitioner relying at the diploma of your hair loss. People with superior  hair loss, are probably to want greater numbers of hairs than people with early hair loss.


    Treatment List

    Private Hair loss Consultation together along with your general practitioner: £75

    At IK Clinics we take pleasure in presenting all of our sufferers a head to head session with the enterprise main hair loss professional and  scientific general practitioner who may be appearing your method. We aren't a nurse led medical institution – your session, remedy and aftercare will all be done via way of means of a scientific general practitioner.


    This permits the general practitioner to look your hair up near and make an evaluation of your scalp pores and skin in addition to the suitability of your donor hair for a transplant.


    During your session with the hair loss professional, the precise purpose of your hair loss may be diagnosed and diverse alternatives to deal with your thinning hair may be mentioned with you.


    We don’t suggest a video session as it’s very smooth to misdiagnose remedy because of various lights and digital digicam troubles – we constantly advise an in office, head to head session! We have determined that doing it this manner avoids lacking ability troubles consisting of scalp situations and color variations. These are not unusualplace errors which can be made in the course of telephone/video consultations.


    Private Hair loss prescription :

    Depending on the character and charge of development of your hair loss, it could be useful a good way to take a few pills to enhance the energy of your current hair.  There can also be pores and skin situations which we advocate are handled with a prescription to enhance scalp health.


    Dr Khan specialises in treating pores and skin troubles in addition to hair loss. She is capable of difficulty non-public prescriptions for medications.  If a prescription is issued, then it's miles charged separately.




    With eyebrow transplants for the reason that transplanted hair is taken from part of the frame aside from the eyebrows, it has barely unique traits with reference to look.


    The look of an eyebrow transplant will mature over the path of a year.



    Consultation with a Hair transplant general practitioner is £75.


    Cost begins offevolved from 2.five £/graft (hair follicle) for head hair transplants.


    Most people want at the least 1000-1500 grafts for head and atleast 400-450 grafts for each eyebrow recovery.


    Our remedy bundle consists of your complete hair recovery application and you'll be supplied with a written quote and observe up.


    Click right here for contemporary Hair Transplant charges in our Leicester, UK primarily based totally medical institution.

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