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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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  • Tags: What is DHI, How direct hair implantation works, Who needs a DHI procedure, DHI hair transplant side effects and precautions, Shock hair loss, Undesired appearance, DHI hair transplant cost

    What is DHI, How it works, Who needs a DHI procedure, DHI hair transplant side effects and precautions, Shock hair loss, Undesired appearance, DHI hair transplant cost

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    What is DHI hair transplant ?DHI hair transplantation is a hair transplantation method that provides almost 100% natural results and uses the most adv..

    What is DHI hair transplant ?

    DHI hair transplantation is a hair transplantation method that provides almost 100% natural results and uses the most advanced 1mm diameter extraction and transplantation instruments for faster healing. This causes minimal damage to the hair follicles and ensures a fast healing process.For this procedure, a team is formed, consisting of trained and experienced doctors and medical professionals.

    What are the features of DHI hair transplant ?

    DHI hair transplant is the most advanced hair transplant technique. At the beginning of the century, this became the latest technology that emerged from the rigid FUT-Strip technology. It was developed by the team that implemented the FUE technology. 

    With DHI hair transplant or direct hair implantation, hair follicles are placed one at a time in sparse areas of the scalp. Each hair follicle is positioned in a specific direction, angle and depth, providing 100% natural results and maximum implantability thanks to DHI's patented instruments. The transplanted hair follicles continue to grow throughout a person's life and no longer fall out.

    The entire procedure is performed by international doctors who have been trained and certified by DHI's London Academy of Hair Restoration in the specialty of Hair Restoration, following DHI's rigorous quality standardization protocols, designed to deliver consistently superior results.

    What are the benefits of DHI hair transplant technology?

    Completely secure : Strict protocols are applied in all processes and steps to guarantee 100% security.

    Natural Results: Complete control over the depth, direction and angle of the hair grafts for 100% natural results.

    Painless : Small disposable instruments 1 mm in diameter or less are used to extract, collect and place hair follicles.

    Maximum usability guaranteed : The graft viability rate is over 90%, while the industry average is between 50% and 90%.

    Only performed by experienced surgeons and hair transplant specialists: The transplantation process is carried out by hair transplant specialists trained and certified by the DHI Academy.

    Lifetime Guaranteed Growth : Only healthy hair follicles that are genetically designed to grow for life are selected and transplanted.

    How is the DHI hair transplant method applied?

    During hair follicle extraction, each hair follicle is extracted one by one from the donor area using a specially designed disposable instrument with a diameter of 1mm or less. The follicles are then kept at a certain temperature and then placed in a solution that improves the quality of the grafts without separating, cutting or touching them.

    During the insertion phase, the hair follicles are implanted directly into the area where hair loss occurs using a patented instrument called the DHI Implanter, which is 1 mm in diameter or less, without making holes or cuts.

    With DHI hair transplantation, full control of the implantation depth, direction and angle of each graft ensures 100% natural results and maximum applicability. The transplanted hair never falls out and stays for life.

    DHI hair transplant side effects and precautions

    5. Scarring

    With proper medical treatment, this is one of the hair transplant side effects which is easily treatable.. After the transplant, scarring is also in the list of hair transplant side effects. There are few transplant cases where people are more prone to scarring than others. Scarring is especially common in the cases where patients opted for the strip hair transplant method.

    3. Thinning Of Hair Girth

    Even the unaffected region could suffer from this phenomenon. However, this act of recession is usually not permanent. The thinning of hair is yet again one of the rather common hair transplant side effects. This phenomenon in a combination with falling off of hair could occur right after a successful surgery.

    While some bleeding could happen in all likelihood, with simple measures, it is easily treatable. However, constant bleeding may require additional stitching.Bleeding is one of the most common hair transplant side effects. On rare occasions, bleeding is a likely side effect of the hair transplantation procedure

    4. Itching

    Out of every 10 patients, there are, on average, at least three who would experience an itchy scalp. Thus, itching is also one of the most common hair transplant side effects. While the intensity of itching may vary, the best bet is to get it checked before it becomes even more severe. A common cause of itchy scalp is the occurrence of scabs, which is easily treatable with regular application of shampoo. One must opt for a consultation with a medical expert in case the irritation doesn’t subside the problem & it escalates beyond tolerance. There are special moisturizing oils that help treat this issue


    2. Scalp Infections

    However, one in thousands of cases is such where the infection occurs Other hair transplant side effects include scalp infection. An infection from a hair transplant is although rare, but still a possible side effect.

    Advantages of DHI hair transplant technology:

    • With DHI hair transplantation, if the patient wishes, he does not need to completely shave his head before the procedure.
    • The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure is suitable for both men and women.
    • In most surgeries, patients can return to work the day after the session.
    • In cases of excessive hair loss and when there is not enough hair on the back of the head to cover the area of ​​baldness, facial and body hair can be used.
    • Because the implanted hair will not fall out, long-term treatment is not required. However, additional care is recommended to prevent thinning and shedding of existing hair.

    It takes 12 months to see final results and full hair growth, but results including anterior hairline treatment become visible within two months.

    Why DHI hair transplant technology is the best?

    Unlike other hair transplantation methods such as FUE and FUT (Strip), with direct hair implantation, there are no cuts or holes in the transplanted area. Hair follicles are implanted directly into the area using the patented DHI Implanter. This allows complete control over the depth, direction and angle of placement of each graft. Unlike other hair transplant methods, the DHI method or direct hair implant method does not involve scalpels, incisions, or sutures. The follicular hair blocks are extracted one by one using a specially designed disposable tool with a diameter of 1 mm or less to avoid injury. With direct DHI hair implantation, there is no transformation of the hair follicles to avoid the risk of necrotic debris, and avoid prolonged exposure to the environment. Instead, hair follicles extracted by direct DHI hair implantation are placed directly and maintained at a certain temperature and in a solution that enhances their growth after placement. This is performed by surgeons and teams specialized in the field. Provides 100% safety, natural results, maximum survival and lifelong growth.

    Implanter pen is an original patented micro-instrument and it is used only for seamless hair transplantation. The implanter allows you to combine micro-puncture of the skin and
    implantation of the hair follicle in one short movement.

    What are the advantages of the Implanter pen FUE technique:

    •  Gives maximum survival of grafts
    • Increases hair planting density 
    • Reduces skin trauma
    • Reduces the recovery period to 5-7 days
    • Allows transplantation between the patient's long hair, without complete
    • full head haircuts
    • Gives full naturalness to the front hairline
    • Ideal for facial hair transplant - beard, mustache, eyebrows, sideburns

    The main advantages of Implanter pen FUE technology

    No need for a complete haircut

    • Transplantation for women is carried out with the preservation of any original hair length. Extraction (extraction) of donor grafts does not require a
    complete haircut of the occipital area, but only one or two small strips, the
    hair on which is shaved off. In the future, the graft sampling area is easily
    hidden by the long hair of the patient. After transplantation, in the
    donor hair sampling areas , the remaining follicles continue to grow with a lower

    No risk of damage from the hair

    • Implanter pen technology makes it possible to transplant with
    maximum density. When implanting grafts, a transplantologist
    fully controls the direction, depth and density of planting.
    The punctures of the implanter are so small (0.6 mm) that they do not disturb the
    blood circulation and the vitality of the surrounding hair. After transplantation
    , the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs is not required.
    Short recovery period.

    • The whole transplantation procedure using Implanter pen technology is less
    traumatic. Graft implantation does not require incisions, incisions or
    channels. Micro-puncture of the skin and implantation of the hair follicle are combined
    in one short movement. The marks on the skin heal within 2-3 days and
    become completely invisible after new hair begins
    to grow. The recovery period after transplantation is halved.

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