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    FUT Strip hair transplant method, strip excision method, Hair transplantation technique, transplantation of follicular units, Follicular Unit Transplantation

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    Hair Transplantation Techniques

    There are 2 fundamental exceptional technical techniques of hair transplant:

    Conventional graft harvesting approach: FUT approach (scalp strip technique)

    Minimally invasive graft harvesting approach: FUE approach.

    Storage and location of grafts are basically equal in strategies. The largest distinction and the essential one, among the numerous hair transplant techniques is visible withinside the extraction approach.

    FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique:

    For harvesting grafts, a 10-20 cm lengthy and 2-three cm extensive scalp strip is eliminated from donor location and dissected into grafts (FUs).

    Major risks of FUT: Strip technique reasons an intensive harm to the donor location and leaves a linear scar. Healing is gradual and delayed. Scalp strip gives an inadequate wide variety of grafts for superior hair losses. FUT grafts are cumbersome and might produce an unnatural hairline.

    FUT approach continues to be used, even recommended with the aid of using a few Western clinics; however, eventually it'll absolutely disappear from the exercise withinside the current generation of hair transplants.

    Dr. Maral absolutely removed FUT-strip technique from his exercise years ago; seeing that it's far very invasive technique with many drawbacks in comparison with the current, minimally-invasive FUE strategies.

    Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

    Aman Dua and Kapil Dua1

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    Hair transplantation has come a protracted manner from the times of Punch Hair Transplant with the aid of using Dr. Orentreich in Fifties to Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) of Nineties and the very latest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) approach. With the arrival of FUE, the dream of ‘no seen scarring’ withinside the donor location is now searching like a possibility. In FUE, the grafts are extracted as man or woman follicular gadgets in a -step or 3-step approach while the technique of implantation stays similar to withinside the conventional FUT. The addition of new automatic FUE approach seeks to triumph over a number of the restrictions on this tremendously new approach and it's far now viable to gain extra than 1000 grafts in someday in educated hands. This article critiques the methodology, obstacles and blessings of FUE hair transplant.

    Keywords: Follicular unit extraction, FOX take a look at, hair transplant, sutureless

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    Modern hair transplantation turned into added withinside the Fifties with the aid of using Dr. Orentreich.[1] He began out with the assist of four mm punches. Then the idea of mini and micrografting,[2,3] and later in Nineties the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT)[4] took over. With FUT, transplantation of hair in obviously going on man or woman follicular gadgets turned into established.[5] In those techniques, donor harvesting turned into finished with the aid of using unmarried strip technique with elliptical excision of donor, observed with the aid of using suturing. The enormous drawback of unmarried strip harvesting turned into the consequent linear donor scar. Though it's far viable to offer a totally best linear scar with the newly defined trichophytic closure,[6,7] it does pose beauty issues for lots sufferers in particular individuals who want to put on brief hair.[8,9] Bernstein and Rassman[10] began out growing the FOX technique, heralding a brand new surgical hair healing technique with out strip harvesting. The FOX technique, additionally referred to as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUSE (Follicular Unit Separation Extraction) technique,[11] Wood’s approach,[12] FU Isolation technique[13] is rapid turning into an opportunity technique of extraction of grafts as follicular gadgets in decided on cases. While there are numerous obstacles to this new approach, numerous new trends are taking region to triumph over the restrictions of wide variety of grafts in a single consultation of FUE.

    This article provides a evaluate of various factors of FUE along with, the stipulations of doing FUE hair transplant, warning signs and contraindications, technique, obstacles and the trendy improvements withinside the discipline of FUE.

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    In FUE, the extraction of intact follicular unit is depending on the precept that the location of attachment of arrector muscle to the follicular unit is the tightest zone. Once that is made unfastened and separated from the encompassing epidermis, the inferior section may be extracted easily. Because the follicular unit is narrowest on the floor, one wishes to apply small micropunches of length zero.6–zero.eight mm and consequently the ensuing scar is just too small to be recognised [Figure 1].

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    Figure 1

    Donor location after FUE hair transplant after 7 days

    The major anatomical difficulty of the approach is that it isn't viable to perceive the bulge of the hair from outdoor and subsequently the technique is blind. Also, because the hairs with intact unit splay on the decrease stop and diverge in exceptional directions, the system of extraction can bring about a better transection charge. The technique is likewise gradual as every unit needs to be pulled out slowly. However, with enjoy, the hand eye coordination and pace of the healthcare professional, transection charge may be improved.

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    Following are the stipulations for doing FUE:[14]

    Adequate enjoy and education of the healthcare professional

    Excellent lighting

    Adequate magnification for the healthcare professional and staff

    Proper information of the attitude of the hair under the floor of the pores and skin; in nearly all instances, the attitude of the emergent hair is extra acute than the attitude of follicle withinside the epidermis. The incision ought to glaringly assume this and be orientated withinside the route of the follicle in preference to the seen hair.

    Punch length of zero.6–1.zero mm in diameter. This length is massive sufficient to embody the width of the follicular unit, but small sufficient to minimise wound length and scarring. Some surgeons have now began out the use of punches of lesser length beginning from zero.6 mm.

    Proper movement of the hand: The hand must be flawlessly solid at the same time as doing brief twisting movement of the punch. Bernstein[14] advocates that clockwise rotation (for the right-surpassed man or woman) typically gives extra balance than twisting withinside the different route. A returned-and-forth movement reasons needless transection and is incompatible with a success FUE, as is a 360 ranges rotation of the punch. In a few FOX grade 1 cases, direct strain on my own (with none twisting) can be enough to extract the grafts.

    Sharp punches/blunt punches: Some surgeons use sharp punch in -step approach to minimise the quantity of twisting had to reduce into the epidermis, while blunt punches are utilized in a 3-step approach to lower the follicular transection charge.

    Positive FOX Test

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    It is critical to word that the tightness with which follicular gadgets are held in epidermis varies and subsequently FUE might not be appropriate in all sufferers. Therefore, earlier than mission any affected person for FUE hair transplant, the healthcare professional must confirm whether or not the affected person is a appropriate candidate for FUE or now no longer. In FOX take a look at, the healthcare professional takes out a few (approximately 100) grafts from the donor location after which evaluates what number of whole/incomplete follicular gadgets are extracted. If the extraction is straightforward and whole gadgets are extracted, then the healthcare professional must pass beforehand with FUE; in any other case shift onto strip approach.

    According to the convenience and completeness of extracted grafts, Bernstein and Rassman[14] categorized FOX take a look at into 5 grades. Grade 1 is whilst intact follicular gadgets actually come out of the scalp or whilst there's simplest occasional transection of man or woman hairs withinside the unit. In Fox grade 2 sufferers, extraction can be tremendously smooth withinside the first consultation, however in next tactics (whilst the donor location is barely scarred) it turns into extra complex and the yield begins offevolved to decline. In those sufferers, the longterm yield may be compromised and making plans extraordinarily difficult. In FOX grade three, the emergent attitude is difficult. Rassman and Bernstein enrolled 2 hundred sufferers in a take a look at to evaluate their candidacy for FUE.[14] They located that seventy four% of all of the sufferers had been both FOX 1, FOX 2 or FOX three. The description for every class turned into indistinct and lets in for substantial man or woman health practitioner discretion and interpretation. In Fox grade four-five (whilst it's far nearly not possible to are expecting the emergent attitude), the yield is just too low for the FUE technique to be a success. Here, the selection now no longer to apply FUE must be trustworthy because the transection charge might be too excessive. If the affected person is FOX-positive (grade 1–three), the healthcare professional can pass beforehand with FUE withinside the warning signs under mentioned.

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    Following are the warning signs for FUE:[10]

    Patients who need to put on their hair very brief (and subsequently very skinny linear scar is unacceptable)

    When a affected person particularly requests an FUE technique and sufficient grafts may be harvested to fulfill his or her wishes.

    In sufferers with confined hair loss or individuals who require small classes. This organization consists of sufferers with androgenetic alopecia in Norwood magnificence three sample or small vertex balding regions, confined beauty regions along with widow’s peaks (a triangular location of hairloss commonly visible withinside the the front of brow in girls), eyebrows, eyelashes, moustaches and confined regions of alopecia secondary to dermatologic conditions.

    In the remedy of widened scars attributable to conventional strip excisions [Figure 2].

    An outside document that holds a picture, illustration, etc.

    Object call is JCAS-three-76-g002.jpg

    Figure 2

    Donor location after strip surgical procedure

    Patients having insufficient laxity for a strip excision (too tight pores and skin).

    For scarring from dermatologic conditions, trauma or neurosurgical tactics.

    When preceding scars of strip surgical procedures make similarly strips not possible, then FUE is a sign for similarly extractions.

    In sufferers, who have a tendency to heal with extensive or thickened linear scars.

    In athletes, who ought to resume complete pastime at once after the technique.

    For sufferers with an inordinate worry of ache or scars.

    When frame or beard serves as a donor location.

    FUE approach is the simplest approach beneficial in frame hair transplantation. The in advance indication of confined regions of donor web website online has been conquer with the aid of using Body Hair Transplant.

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    Following are the contraindications for FUE:[10]

    Inexperience in acting FUE strategies

    Unavailability of right instrumentation

    Unrealistic affected person expectations

    Inadequate donor supply

    Scarring that makes each the - and 3-step tactics complex

    FOX grade four and five categories

    Patient who isn't inclined for lengthy classes for numerous hours or a couple of classes as wished because of the slowness of the system

    Patient who isn't inclined to reduce his hair brief and for that reason girls aren't exact applicants for FUE

    Large bald regions desiring extra than 2500 grafts

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    As clarified in advance, FUE is a kind of hair transplantation wherein the technique of extraction is exceptional however implantation is similar to FUT. It is a sutureless technique of hair healing wherein hair follicles are extracted from the returned of head below nearby anaesthesia with the assist of unique micropunches and implanted withinside the bald location.

    On the day of surgical procedure, the whole donor location from the returned of the top is trimmed to 1–2 mm length. The affected person lies withinside the susceptible role at the working table. Local anaesthesia with Xylocaine, 1% diluted with saline, is run slowly over the whole donor location.

    The grafts are then extracted from the donor location with the assist of zero.eight and 1 mm unique micropunches [Figure 3] The extraction of follicles is finished below 2.five – five× magnification.

    An outside document that holds a picture, illustration, etc.

    Object call is JCAS-three-76-g003.jpg

    Figure three

    Instruments utilized in FUE hair transplant

    Step 1: With the pointy facet of the micropunch, scoring of the scalp pores and skin containing follicular unit is finished.

    Step 2: Then stupid facet of the punch is added withinside the identical location and is twisted to loosen the follicular unit. At the identical time, the assistant applies counter traction to facilitate the penetration of the punch in the epidermis.

    Step three: The assistant lightly takes out the graft with the assist of forceps. The extracted grafts are then preserved in saline or cool Ringer’s lactate solution.[15,16]

    The extracted graft might also additionally encompass 1 to four or hardly ever even five or 6 hairs [Figure 4]. This is the maximum time ingesting and tedious a part of the entire technique. After the extraction is over, the grafts are implanted in a comparable manner as withinside the relaxation of FUT.

    An outside document that holds a picture, illustration, etc.

    Object call is JCAS-three-76-g004.jpg

    Figure four

    FUE grafts containing five and six hairs

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    There are exceptional approaches of extracting the grafts:

    Two-step technique

    There are  steps involved. In the primary step, a pointy punch is located over the follicular unit and aligned in keeping with the route of the hair shaft. The punch ought to now no longer be driven too deep as root transection can occur. In the second one step, best-toothed forceps are used to use mild traction to the pinnacle of Follicular Unit (FU) till the unit is pulled unfastened from deeper dermal and subcutaneous connections. There is a man or woman-to-man or woman version on this approach.[14]

    Three-step technique

    The 3-step approach for FUE is primarily based totally upon Harris’[17,18] idea of the use of a blunt tool to save you harm to follicles at some stage in the system of isolating the follicular unit from the encompassing donor tissue. He makes use of the pointy punch to attain the dermis, after which with stupid facet of the punch bluntly dissects the follicular unit with twisting motion from the encompassing dermis and epidermis. Lastly, the graft is held with forceps and pulled out. In this version, the stupid punch avoids follicle transection and lets in intact FUs to be extracted extra easily. He located that the graft yield expanded from 92% with the aid of using -step approach to 98%; and the hair yield from seventy four to 93% with the aid of using the 3-step approach.

    Although this 3-step technique is advanced to the -step technique[19] in warding off follicular transection and in keeping follicular gadgets, there's a extra prevalence of buried grafts and is slower. Following measures assist lessen or rectify the buried grafts:

    The prevalence of buried grafts may be decreased with the aid of using warding off the nuchal location (the decrease a part of the scalp) in which the attitude of the hair may be very acute and the pores and skin has extra resistance to the punch.

    Another trick is to clip the hair very brief (much less than 1 mm) earlier than extracting, as a trapped hair will push the graft deeper into the scalp.

    One also can make the pointy reduce barely deeper and the stupid dissection extra superficial.

    On occasion, converting the attitude of each the pointy and/or blunt tool can minimise the prevalence of buried grafts.

    Sometimes the healthcare professional might also additionally want to revert returned to the -step technique in choose hair transplant sufferers, in particular people with very coarse hair.

    Finally, you can optimise the blunt-tip layout to get the first-rate results.[18]

    In case the healthcare professional encounters buried grafts, those may be left on my own however they'll turn into cysts, which might also additionally subsequently want to be eliminated.

    If they may be now no longer absolutely buried, the grafts can now and again be extracted the use of a small tool known as a Schamberg comedone extractor (the tool utilized by dermatologists to take away blackheads).

    The pores and skin can be incised barely in order that the buried graft may be grasped with forceps.

    Removing those grafts, even though now no longer difficult, is extraordinarily time ingesting. If one has a buried graft charge over a fragment of a percent, it turns into a enormous logistical hassle for the hair transplant surgical procedure and it is able to bring about cyst formation.

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    In the sphere of FUE, there had been some of improvements; following is a short description of the identical.

    Follicular isolation approach

    The time period ‘Follicular Isolation Technique’ (FIT) turned into coined with the aid of using Cole and Rose[13] and refers to FUE approach that makes use of a punch with a ‘forestall’ to restrict the intensity of penetration. Although the want for a intensity forestall withinside the extraction approach continues to be a contentious issue, FIT is likely a higher time period than FUE if the whole unit isn't being captured. In our view, whilst the purpose is simply to extract hair, in preference to intact follicular gadgets, the time period FIT is preferable.

    Automated FUE hair transplantation

    The FUE Matic device is an automatic hair transplant device that seeks to help the physician in acting a hair transplant the use of the FUE approach.[20,21] It is alleged to offer a quicker extraction charge of grafts in a confined time. However, there's extra pulling and twisting of grafts which places the graft liable to harm, ensuing in extra transection.

    Robotics in hair transplantation

    Robots have some of blessings and regularly decorate and enlarge human capabilities.[22] Their accuracy and repeatability might also additionally attain the sub-millimetre degree. Robots may be optimised to carry out responsibilities worrying a excessive quantity of precision at rapid speeds, routinely and tirelessly, for this reason growing productiveness and efficiency. Their overall performance output is steady and predictable. These technical strengths might also additionally cause them to appropriate for some of hair transplantation responsibilities, along with FUE. Some of the drawbacks to robots consist of cost, non-versatility, incapability to system qualitative facts and absence of judgement. Efforts are underway to plan such robotics for hair transplantation and it's far was hoping that they'll be to be had for mass use withinside the close to future.

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    Surgeon’s perspective

    It wishes much less manpower than FUT; One physician with one or  assistants can run a centre.

    The technique is much less demanding and surgical enjoy isn't essential.

    Graft practise is minimal.

    Less system is wanted.

    Patient’s perspective

    Can game brief hair

    Minimal post-operative healing time

    Microscopic scars in donor location are nearly invisible

    No want to go to healthcare professional once more for sew removal

    Can use frame hair for delivered density with this approach simplest

    Can cowl preexisting scar of strip surgical procedure with FUE[23]

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    FUE is a tedious technique that takes its toll at the healthcare professional’s patience, electricity levels, neck muscle mass and enthusiasm. Anderson[13] has counseled to take brief breaks, regularly alter the posture and to apply the assistants well.

    There is a protracted gaining knowledge of curve in FUE. Newcomers to this approach discover a couple of reassets of issue in acting FUE.

    Higher transection charge: This stays the primary location of situation with this approach. The common loss of affiliation among the go out attitude of the hair and the subcutaneous direction of the follicle is in particular complex. When that is coupled with common modifications in follicle route, the follicular transection charge (FTR) is extra.[17] In order to hold the reliability of FUE, it's far quintessential to stay inside a permissible degree of follicle transection charge (FTR), at the least akin to the usual approach of strip harvesting and microscopic dissection, which has a transection charge of about 2%.

    Tethering of the follicle to dermal additives might also additionally require both time-ingesting dissection or shearing of the follicles as extraction is attempted.

    The technique is lengthy and subsequently tiring for the affected person. Patient additionally has to lie withinside the susceptible role which provides to the discomfort.

    Finally, the wide variety of grafts extracted in step with day is confined, main to a couple of classes over numerous days. To conquer this, surgeons have added megasessions. Currently, in a few clinics, FUE megasessions as much as 2000 grafts over 10–12 hours consultation in an afternoon are performed. One latest take a look at reviews extracting as much as 4400 grafts over three days.[14]

    Some surgeons on the way to extract better wide variety of grafts might also additionally threat going into the brief zone; the hair follicles extracted from this location can be misplaced forever.

    Very best trimming of donor hair that's disadvantageous to many people.

    Only one case may be finished in someday. Because of the time spent, the technique is extra costly, nearly 3 instances that of FUT.[24,25]

    All of those elements have contributed to the relative loss of physicians acting FUE. However, there's an awful lot hype on net webweb sites approximately this approach and consequently the wide variety of sufferers looking for the approach is at the rise. Research is wanted into the refinement, development of instrumentation and efficacy of this approach.[23,24] Table 1 offers a assessment of the strip technique and FUE.

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique:

    Grafts (FUs) are in my opinion extracted from donor location the use of very skinny (zero.6 to zero.eight mm), ein particular designed extraction punches.

    There are 2 exceptional strategies of FUE hair transplant for graft harvesting:

    Manual FUE.

    Micromotor-assisted FUE.

    Manual FUE makes use of hand strength to extract the FUs. It turned into the primary FUE approach in the sooner years of FUE. Later, guide extraction turned into in large part changed with the aid of using the micromotor-assisted graft harvesting approach (mFUE). mFUE is the maximum usually used FUE approach nowadays and followed with the aid of using extra than 95% of the FUE clinics.

    Some technical versions of FUE for starting the incisions and graft placement into the recipient regions:

    Slit approach.

    Sapphire-tip slit techique.

    DHI (direct hair implantation) the use of unique Choi implanters.FUT ( Strip ) hair transplant method, strip excision method

    Hair transplantation technique  FUT ( Strip), method  FUT  - Follicular Unit Transplantation , transplantation of follicular units

    The  FUT ( Str ip ) transplantation method was the most common hair transplantation method worldwide a few years ago, and doctors use the most modern and sophisticated version of it in most cases. Hair transplantation using the FUT Strip ) method, combined with a high level of surgical skill, aesthetic perception and experience of doctors, can lead to a completely natural result of high quality and beauty. 

    FUT hair transplantation is performed based on the extraction of hair follicles from the area of ​​constant hair growth (from the back and sides of the head) and their transplantation into the recipient area.

    The FUT  ( S trip ) hair transplant method  essentially reproduces the natural growth of hair, since hair grows in groups that consist of 1-4 hairs (or more in some cases) and are called hair follicles , the hair transplantation process is driven by the extraction of hair follicles from the back and sides of the head and their movement to the area affected by the prolapse (thinning).

    At , the hair transplant medical staff performs an advanced version of the  FUT  ( Strip ) method , which has the following advantages:

    one. Painless operation: With an advanced form of the Strip Method (FUT), strip method, and strict adherence to medical protocol, hair transplantation is a completely painless procedure. Previously, about 30% of patients who underwent surgery felt mild pain, but today, hair transplantation is a painless operation.

     2. Painless course of the postoperative period (possible discomfort disappears with the help of simple painkillers)

    3. A special technique ( Trichophytic  Closure ) to close the donor area, which leaves an invisible scar ( Invisible  Scar ), which can only be detected by specialists and only from close examination of the scalp.

    4. In order for hair transplantation to be completely personalized for each person,  hai

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