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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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    DHI Hair Transplant, Procedure, Operation

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    DHI Hair Transplant: Procedure, Operation, Side EffectsProcedureHow does it paintingsAppropriate humansDHI evaluation with FUT and FUESide outcom..

    DHI Hair Transplant: Procedure, Operation, Side Effects


    How does it paintings

    Appropriate humans

    DHI evaluation with FUT and FUE

    Side outcomes


    Direct hair implantation: what does it mean?

    DHI hair transplantation (direct hair implantation), FUT (follicular unit transplants) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) are the maximum famous hair healing strategies.


    Before focusing in this method, you need to understand how FUT and FUE paintings:


    FUT : the medical professional takes a strip of pores and skin from the again of the pinnacle and extracts the hair follicles .

    FUE :method entails extracting the follicles immediately at the occipital or temporal region of ​​the scalp.

    Both of those hair transplant strategies require the medical professional to implant the follicles from the donor region into the balding or bald regions which will repair hair boom.


    Also, following this, the medical professional has to reduce channels withinside the scalp on the way to insert the grafts.


    This is in which DHI (developed model of FUE) is available in due to its distinction: the medical professional makes use of a DHI hair injector (implantation, channels) and superior equipment (extractions) for the complete manner.



    How does DHI hair transplantation paintings?

    From the region(s) of the scalp, the medical professional gets rid of wholesome hair follicles after which re-implants them into the balding region. These re-implanted gadgets grow to be hair that blends with others for denser hair.


    The method consists of the subsequent steps:


    The medical professional shaves the affected person's head.

    He administers a nearby anesthetic to numb the region and hold the affected person comfortable.

    It makes use of superior equipment to cast off follicles from the occipital region of ​​the scalp.

    The medical professional hundreds the follicles right into a DHI hair injector.

    All the follicles from the donor region (occipital or temporal) are implanted withinside the goal regions of the scalp (commonly the pinnacle of the pinnacle).

    The medical professional applies antibiotic cream to the remedy regions and places bandages on them.

    eight hours is commonly the time required to exercise an immediate hair implantation, as for FUE, but the period might also additionally range in sure instances because of the variety of follicles to be reimplanted. It is going with out announcing that if the affected person is stricken by superior baldness, this can require in addition and consequently longer remedy.


    If you operate this hair transplant method , you ought to get sizeable effects in 12 or 18 months.


    for the duration of a dhi hair transplant the follicles are implanted immediately into the scalp

    Who can enjoy the DHI method?

    The maximum appropriate humans for this method are manifestly the ones over 50, due to the fact extra than 50% of guys of this age are bald.


    In the case of those humans, the medical professional gets rid of follicles from their dense region and re-implants them into their affected region.


    If the baldness has unfold all around the pinnacle of the pinnacle, it does now no longer alternate whatever concerning the effectiveness of this method, due to the fact the re-implanted follicles throughout this region will offer hair so as to align flawlessly with that of the crown. or temple.


    Other humans appropriate for this approach percentage the subsequent characteristics:


    People over 25 : due to the fact hair loss may be tough to are expecting in folks who are beneathneath this age.

    Thick Hair : While humans with skinny hair can attain exceptional effects, transplants commonly paintings higher for thicker hair, as every follicle has extra insurance because of its thickness.

    A density of forty follicles in keeping with rectangular centimeter : sufferers with a decrease density have a tendency to be much less good enough humans.

    Realistic expectancies : Surgeons locate that humans with practical expectancies for effects are commonly the maximum satisfied.

    It is vital which you have a session with an professional earlier than any dedication to a DHI or different hair transplant method so you understand in case you are most of the proper humans for it.


    Check in case you are the proper individual for a hair transplant!

    Get a FREE hair analysis!


    Is DHI akin to FUT and FUE?

    The three strategies are made to sell hair regrowth following a transplant of wholesome hair follicles. However, those vary of their manner and outcome.


    The FUT (hair implant approach) is the cheapest, however unfortunately, it'll depart a seen scar for your scalp. The handiest answer to be had to you, in case you use this method, is to permit your hair develop to cowl it.


    Scars due to the FUT approach.

    FUE (follicular unit extraction), the manner of that is to cast off the follicles immediately out of your scalp, leaves handiest small scars which can be very inconspicuous. Because of this, this method takes longer and prices extra than FUT. On the opposite hand, in case you use this method, you may hold a brief haircut with none hassle.


    DHI (superior and non-invasive hair implant approach of FUE) has a extra developed manner of motion than FUE, moreover, it does now no longer depart any scars, that is a precise advantage.


    The reality that the complete hair transplant implantation manner is performed manually the use of a excessive-precision hair injector makes this method precise and powerful in step with hair clinics.


    Anyway, in case you are worried with the hassle of hair loss, understand that his three surgical operation strategies, in general, make certain a excessive excellent result, in phrases of hair regrowth and its period over time.


    Potential facet outcomes

    dhi hair transplant approach

    Hair transplantation following the DHI method is secure withinside the majority of instances, however headaches can nevertheless occur, despite the fact that they may be very uncommon.


    Here are a few examples of ability dangers that can seem in very precise instances, along with:



    When implanting follicles withinside the scalp, infections might also additionally occur.


    A awful response to anesthesia

    In the bulk of instances, the anesthesia passes with none problems, however now and again terrible outcomes take place. However, in maximum instances, the terrible outcomes are because of an unconditional worry of injections.


    Reactive hair loss

    This facet impact is pretty not unusualplace and commonly happens inside eight weeks of the method. The go back to everyday isn't always lengthy in coming, as it happens for any cause three to four months later. This response is a wholesome manner, a part of the hair boom manner in a few humans.


    An unsatisfactory result

    In order to have a pleasant result, it's miles vital that your medical professional implants your follicular gadgets in a sample that fits your herbal hair boom, in any other case it is able to appear inauthentic.


    To keep away from any dissatisfaction, an in-intensity studies at the surgeons devoted to this subject on your region is necessary, you may as an instance study the reviews at the hair transplants left via way of means of their clients in addition to the earlier than-after snap shots in their surgical operation at the internet , earlier than making any selection concerning the medical professional you may choose.


    Other viable headaches

    It should also, in a few very uncommon instances, cause the subsequent headaches:





    Inflamed hair follicles

    Increased coronary heart rate


    Sparse boom round donor regions

    How a whole lot does a DHI hair transplant cost?

    The fee of an intervention for a one-day consultation is among three,900 and eight,000 euros. If it worries a consultation requiring 2 days of intervention, the fee can be among 9,900 and 15,900 euros.


    These costs subject Paris and the metropolises, in case you are placed outdoor the capital or metropolis, the costs can be in a much less great range, with a beginning fee of 2,900 euros.


    The fee of hair transplants relies upon on more than one factors  :


    The vicinity of the clinic (Paris, extra steeply-priced metropolis)

    The region to be treated

    The preferred density

    The popularity of the clinic (the maximum famend might also additionally fee better costs)

    Reimbursement for this sort of surgical operation isn't always considered, as that is beauty surgical operation and consequently now no longer clinical. As a result, your social safety will now no longer cowl this reimbursement, except your hair loss is because of an illness.


    That said, a few mutuals reimburse this sort of surgical operation. There also are options to hair transplants along with finasteride, low depth laser remedy and minoxidil.


    If you really need to get your hair transplant while not having to pay costs along with the ones quoted above then you may constantly visit Hungary. Living costs and salaries are decrease, however carrier requirements are excessive.




    What is the DHI approach in hair transplantation?

    DHI hair transplantation or DHI hair transplantation is a way of direct hair transplantation. This hair transplant method includes extracting the graft the use of a clinical pen so that it will then be located at the pores and skin.


    Is DHI hair transplantation sustainable?

    DHI is a lengthy-time period hair implant manner with herbal effects. Its green method permits fast execution among the extraction and the execution of the graft.


    How is a DHI hair transplant performed?

    A DHI hair transplant is performed in outpatient surgical operation, beneathneath nearby anesthesia and is painless. It does now no longer remaining various hours, relying at the affected person's wishes in phrases of hair implants. In all instances the affected person leaves the equal day of the intervention.


    What is the distinction among FUE and DHI?

    It is specially the approach of intending with the implants that differentiates those 2 techniques of hair transplantation. For FUE hair transplantation, the channels are opened earlier than implantation, which permits the medical professional to manually implant the implants into the channels.

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