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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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    Hair plant, A HAIR TRANSPLANT CAN GIVE YOU PERMANENT NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS, Who is a superb candidate for a hair transplant, Hair loss, Before and After Photos

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    If you are seeking out a everlasting technique to your hair loss, you could need to take into account a hair transplant

    Man with thinning hair

    Hair transplant surgical procedure permits the general practitioner to transport healthful hairs in your scalp to regions with thinning hair.

    Today, it’s feasible to have herbal-searching effects way to one key advance. Most surgeons now transplant the healthful hairs some at a time. This gets rid of the unnatural doll-like hair that sufferers noticed withinside the 70s and 80s. Back then, sections of hair known as hair plugs had been positioned withinside the thinning location. In time, the hair plugs have become pretty noticeable. 

    Improvements in developing the hairline and putting the hairs withinside the thinning regions additionally assist create herbal-searching effects.


    Thanks to those advances, the effects can appearance so herbal that a barber or stylist can not let you know’ve had some thing completed.


    Results rely in large part at the general practitioner you select

    While those advances are giving sufferers herbal-searching effects, the final results nonetheless relies upon in large part at the general practitioner you select. You need to select a health practitioner who is familiar with hair loss and plays hair transplants regularly.


    Dermatologists concentrate on situations that have an effect on our pores and skin, hair, and nails, so that they realize plenty approximately hair loss. Many additionally carry out hair transplants and might let you know whether or not you're an awesome candidate for a hair transplant.


    Who is a superb candidate for a hair transplant?

    Man with receding hairline

    Are you a person for your 20s, who's experiencing hair loss? For first-rate effects, you will be requested to attend to have a hair transplant and begin treating with a hair loss medicinal drug.

    Men and ladies of all races may be exact applicants for a hair transplant.

    To be taken into consideration for a hair transplant, you want  matters:


    Enough healthful hair in your scalp that may be transplanted to the location that desires hair


    The cappotential to develop hair at the thinning location of your scalp


    During a session with a dermatologist, you may discover when you have each. A dermatologist will provide you with a radical scalp examination.


    To discover why you've got got hair loss, you could additionally want a blood test. This can test for matters occurring for your frame that can be inflicting your hair loss. Some sufferers want a process known as a scalp biopsy. Your dermatologist can quick and without difficulty take what is wanted for the scalp biopsy in the course of the session.


    If the examination and assessments display which you are an awesome candidate for a hair transplant, your dermatologist can let you know what effects you may count on. A complete head of hair can be unrealistic, however a fuller head of hair may be the purpose.


    What occurs in the course of a hair transplant?

    You can count on a hair transplant to take among 4 and 8 hours. If you're having a huge quantity of hair transplanted, you could want to go back for some hours the following day.


    Most sufferers continue to be wide conscious in the course of the whole surgical procedure and want most effective an anesthesia that makes the scalp numb. Some sufferers additionally take a slight sedative to assist them relax.


    Hair transplant surgical procedure

    Hair transplant surgical procedure generally lasts among four and eight hours.

    The surgical procedure starts offevolved together along with your dermatologist eliminating the healthful hairs. To provide you with herbal-searching effects, your dermatologist can also additionally get rid of the healthful hairs with the aid of using both reducing a strip of pores and skin with healthful hairs out of your scalp or eliminating person hairs.

    The 2d choice takes plenty extra time, however avoids leaving a protracted, slender scar in your scalp. This may be useful in case you opt for close-shaven haircuts like buzz cuts. 


    Before the general practitioner can transplant the hairs, technicians want to prep the eliminated hairs and the general practitioner ought to get your scalp equipped for the transplant.


    Depending at the wide variety of hairs to be transplanted,  to a few participants of the hair transplant group can also additionally assist vicinity the healthful hairs into the location that desires hair. Once all of the hairs had been transplanted, your scalp could be bandaged and you may be given commands for at-domestic care.


    When do sufferers see effects from a hair transplant?

    Most sufferers see effects among six and 9 months after surgical procedure. For a few sufferers, it takes 12 months.


    It’s essential to realize that among  and 8 weeks after the surgical procedure, the transplanted hair will fall out. This is everyday. By the 0.33 month, the hair can also additionally appearance thinner than earlier than you had the transplant. Again, that is everyday.


    Medicine let you maintain the effects

    To get the first-rate effects from a hair transplant, your dermatologist can also additionally endorse medicinal drug that treats hair loss. Medicine enables due to the fact hair loss and thinning can continue, even after a hair transplant.


    Medicine can save you or gradual down new hair loss and thinning. By doing that, you may maintain your herbal-searching effects for years to come.


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    DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

    DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

    DHI hair transplant is a particular implantation technique that's completed with the aid of using the usage of an implanter pen injector. The implantation is completed after extracting and sorting appropriate grafts from donor regions and implanting them withinside the asked receptor location.


    This technique is one of the maximum researched transplantation techniques with the aid of using folks who are inquisitive about having the process completed today. A graft, in clinical terminology, is healthful tissue extracted from the ideal a part of the affected person’s frame to be implanted withinside the location of want.


    Hair transplantation grafts include the whole healthful hair follicle or more than one follicles which are transplanted at once into the applicable receptor location.


    What is a DHI Hair Transplant?

    Who Can Get DHI Hair Transplant?

    The Choi implanter pen

    The Procedure of DHI Hair Transplant

    What Are the Risks and Side Effects of DHI Hair Transplant?

    DHI Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

    How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost

    Cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

    All inclusive DHI hair transplant package:

    Why is a DHI hair transplant in Turkey cheap?

    How to select the first-rate medical institution for a DHI hair transplant?


    How lots DHI hair transplant fee in Turkey ?

    Before and After Photos

    What is a DHI Hair Transplant?

    DHI, additionally called Direct Hair Implantation, hair transplantation is in particular seemed a brand new hair transplant process, in spite of the robust reliance at the FUE technique. The fundamental difference among DHI and FUE hair transplant is that the channel does now no longer want to be opened till the hair follicles are transplanted.


    DHI Hair Transplant is a extra advanced hair transplant system wherein hairs are extracted one at a time from the donating frame element the usage of a brilliant remover till being positioned directly at the bald components of the scalp.


    The DHI hair transplant method can absorb to six hours and includes numerous phases. The quantity of time it takes is based at the technique followed and the amount of transplants the affected person desires. The elimination of hairs and the introduction of the canal call for th e maximum work, usually taking 1-three hours. It generally takes a 12 months to have the effects of the hair transplant.


    Who Can Get DHI Hair Transplant?


    DHI hair transplantations are extraordinary for humans with androgenic alopecia, that's the maximum common type of baldness. Men or ladies kind hair loss is the widely wide-spread time period for this disorder. There virtually are, obviously, a few requirements on the way to be followed.


    First of all, DHI hair transplants are most effective encouraged for each person above the age of 25. Hair loss is lots extra abnormal till this era. Also, humans with voluminous hair usually have higher effects than the ones who've thinner hair. Each hair follicle is higher blanketed with voluminous hair. In addition, People with mild hair or hair that suits their pores and skin shadeation regularly have the greatest DHI outcomes. Lastly, DHI hair transplantation isn't always encouraged for humans with a donor location hair thickness of much less than forty shafts consistent with rectangular centimeter. If you healthy those criteria, the following step is to perceive a professional general practitioner


    The Choi implanter pen

    Choi implanter pen isn't always a hair transplantation method however is a device utilized by the professional and skilled surgeons in the course of a hair transplantation operation.


    The concept of ​​the usage of this device is to mix  stages, the degree of commencing the incisions and the degree of transplanting the hair follicles.


    This method opens the incisions of the extracted grafts from the donor location and transplant it withinside the ​​bald location with the aid of using the usage of one device that's the Choi implanter pens. The method utilized by our surgeons will decrease any aggravation in your scalp as hairs are being eliminated after which positioned into the bald regions.


    This is right all the way down to the truth that the Choi Implanter Pen works first-rate whilst it's far working on hair follicles one at a time. The recovery duration for our DHI hair implant is extensively decreased whilst as compared to standard FUT or FUE  methods. This is because of the minimum time wherein a follicle is outdoor of your scalp and the tiny incisions used for the placements. Faster recovery additionally lends itself to decreased scarring, so the effects will seem a ways extra herbal. The Choi Implanter Pen allows hairs to be eliminated with the maximum accuracy of incisions, making the DHI hair implantation one of the first-rate hair loss solutions.


    The Procedure of DHI Hair Transplant

    Before the operation starts, your general practitioner will draw your new hairline in your head primarily based totally at the predetermined plans and the purpose of your hair transplantation. The subsequent step is the injection of long-lasting nearby anesthesia at the donor web website online. While wellknown anesthesia is generally now no longer required, you could request a sedative to turn out to be extra comfortable, when you consider that it's far a pretty time-eating system.


    Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your health practitioner will begin the extraction system, manually the usage of an extractor tool with a diameter in 1 mm or much less. As quickly because the hair is extracted from the donor location, it is going to be right now implanted into the recipient web website online with out similarly ado. Skipping the incision step, your health practitioner will load the Choi pen with the extracted hair follicles, and at once implant them into your scalp, in keeping with the predetermined plan of action. The placement of the hair follicles ought to be completed with utmost diligence because it calls for a specific path and perspective of forty to forty five degrees. The general practitioner’s talent and revel in turn out to be distinguished at this point. 2 to six pens and 15 to sixteen needles of diverse sizes are wanted in the course of the operation, relying at the shape of the hair.


    Following your surgical procedure, you may be knowledgeable on what type of an aftercare habitual you ought to observe at the commands of your general practitioner. You could be given all forms of requirements required for a post-op duration consisting of shampoos and medicinal drugs.


    While it's far comprehensible to have a choice for short effects as it's far a beauty condition, it's far nonetheless essential to have practical expectations. The effects of DHI operation do now no longer seem right now, seen hair boom is anticipated to arise at the least five to six months after the process. There is some other pretty everyday a part of the operation which stirs up problem withinside the eyes of the affected person, that's then transplanted hair loss going on in the course of the weeks after the operation. You don’t want to panic over this era as your hair could be returned gradually, each withinside the transplanted location in addition to the donor web website online.


    Finally, it's far essential to consider that the very last effects range from man or woman to man or woman, and substantially depend upon the affected person’s herbal hairline. Likewise, thinking about your clinical history, bodily condition, and environmental elements, your recuperation duration will continue gradually, relying at the person momentum of your hair.


    What Are the Risks and Side Effects of DHI Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplant surgical procedure is a fairly secure process with few risks. Since DHI and FUE do now no longer call for a health practitioner to get rid of a large slice of tissue, they're a ways much less painful than FUT. When placing hair follicles, a health practitioner bodily cuts canals for your scalp in FUE.  However, they rent a particular pen-formed tool on the way to do suddenly in the course of DHI. DHI and FUE save you the significant scars related to FUT, even though they're frequently extra time eating and costly.


    The following are a number of the feasible facet outcomes of DHI surgical procedure:



    Unwanted anesthesia response: During DHI, nearby anesthetic could be used to sedate your head. Anesthetic is generally harmless, even though the huge percent of destructive reactions are due to strain or fear instead of a response to the anesthesia itself.

    Unpleasant final results

    Loss of blood



    Follicular Irritation

    Poor Look Surrounding Donor Site


    DHI Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

    One of the maximum outstanding benefits of the DHI is that it produces a appreciably better stage of sturdiness with reference to hair follicles than different methods due to the fact the time they're out of the pinnacle is extensively shorter. As a result, the hazard of hair harm is substantially decreased. DHI is an extremely secure method for the follicles’ well being because of its easy shape, with a fulfillment price of similarly than 90%. Before the surgical procedure, smoking ought to be prevented for 2 weeks, as ought to any tablets or nutrition dietary supplements containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or Vitamin E. It’s additionally an awesome concept to keep away from reducing or coloring your hair for per week earlier than the surgical procedure. Moreover, sufferers’ fundamental worries are, “How quick will my hair develop after the surgical procedure?” and, of course, “What can I do to take right care of myself after this type of system?” It’s important to strain that minimizing fitness outcomes or pores and skin troubles on this a part of the frame is important in the course of the rehabilitation system. Please consider that hair transplant operations are extra of a adventure than a short fix, and the transplanted follicles will want a while to adjust. Every man or woman is unique, and there'll continually be a selection of recent hair boom variations. Yet, right here is a radical listing of the effects you may count on at diverse stages:


    Recovery Timeline After surgical procedure:


    Mild inflammation, irritation, and discomfort withinside the sender and recipient regions are not unusualplace withinside the first few days after a hair transplant remedy.

    The changed hair will fall out 2 to a few weeks following the remedy. This promotes the improvement of recent hair.

    After four to six months, the bulk of humans will word new hair improvement and boom.

    It takes at the least 9 months to your hairs to acquire the most reliable final results, primarily based totally at the precise hair shape.

    What to count on after a DHI Hair Transplant:


    The affected person’s attitude has a element withinside the a success finishing touch of a DHI Hair Transplant. So, to obtain the best ability result, honestly some measures ought to be performed. Healing time is needed for all hair implant methods to permit the graft wound areas to repair. Don’t be worried in case your scalp seems pink and swelled up, or if it hurts. A post-operative package may be supplied with the aid of using the healthcare expert working with you that will help you conquer any unpleasantness. Anti-inflammatories, medicinal drugs to for allergic reactions and infections, and clean upd merchandise to maintain the place moist are all possibilities. You, on the alternative hand, have a function to play withinside the recovery system. Everything could be very well mentioned with you with the aid of using your general practitioner and his or her staff. You will maximum in all likelihood accept the subsequent remedy recommendations


    With sparkling hair transplants, keep away from sporting any headpiece that could hassle the location.

    For at the least one week, chorus from smoking cigarettes and eating alcohol.

    For at the least four weeks, save you severe sports consisting of frame building.

    To permit the little wounds time to recover, keep away from touching the pinnacle unduly.

    For at the least a month, chorus from making use of splendor merchandise.

    How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost

    DHI hair planting method could be a outstanding preference when you have sufficient cash to come up with the money for the surgical procedure.


    Here is the listing of DHI hair transplant surgical procedure fees in a few nations in Europe.


    USA:  Depending in your desires, the fee of a DHI hair transplant withinside the United States degrees from $3700 to $9000. If extra operations are required, you will be charged a charge.


    Spain: The common fee of a DHI hair transplant operation in Spain is round 4700 Euros, aleven though this varies relying at the health practitioner’s revel in, medical institution, and so on.


    The Netherlands: If you select the Netherlands to your DHI hair transplant, count on to pay round $5500.


    France: The transplantation operation will fee you $7000 in France.


    UK: On common, clinics withinside the United Kingdom rate 5730 Euros for this process.


    Germany: You ought to have at the least $6500 for your pocket whilst traveling Germany for a DHI hair transplantation.


    Cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

    What Turkish clinics are turning in in 2020 in phrases of offerings and the excellent of methods With all the cutting-edge era is what you may take into account being cheap, specially as compared to different Western nations consisting of the US, the UK, and throughout Europe with


    A first-rate dhi hair transplant in turkey can fee you a minimal of $2500-$3500, even though different clinics in Istanbul, Turkey’s beginning charge can lower. However, The charge aspect right here nonetheless influences the final results in lots of cases. 


    All inclusive DHI hair transplant package:

    Accommodation (three nights live in a four-supermegacelebrity hotel)

    VIP transfers (Private car. From the clinic to the hotel, then to the clinic, and returned)

    Translator carrier if wanted

    Painless Local Anesthesia

    MicroFUE most density pre-operation haircut

    PRP Treatment Medications

    Post-operative care essentials, consisting of shampoo, lotion, unique hat, neck pillow, ache killers, aspirin,  antibiotics, etc.

    PRP remedy to stimulate higher hair boom.

    Why is a DHI hair transplant in Turkey cheap?

    Turkey is the maximum famous u . s . in all forms of hair transplantation and plastic surgical procedure, and it's far simpler to get hold of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey, at a far inexpensive fee.


    due to the fact:


    A) One of the large elements to a inexpensive fee, Turkey helps the home production of any items and merchandise over importing, As a result, it gets rid of shipping, logistics, and customs fees from the very last pricing degree. This equal idea contributes to low fitness care fees and surgical procedure charges in Turkey.

    B) In america or the UK and Europe, common salaries play a primary element in what can genuinely be known as ‘low fee’ right here in Turkey, and now no longer most effective income, however the fee of residing is better.

    And that could solution why a DHI hair transplant is inexpensive in Turkey.  It’s a be counted of know-how how the arena works. The low charges have the whole thing to do with the economic system and not anything to do with’ the excellent’.


    How to select the first-rate medical institution for a DHI hair transplant?

    If you're already coming to Turkey, you could additionally visit the first-rate clinics to get your DHI hair transplant, a massive attention for deciding on the first-rate medical institution is that first, you need to study their internet site on line and study the patron evaluate and, secondly, you need to realize the information of your medical doctor who conducts your process.


    And we offer you a number of the primary elements, that will help you deciding on Istanbul Turkey’s first-rate medical institution for hair transplant:



    Dedications and Commitment

    Consistent Results

    low cost hair transplant

    A excessive hair transplant fee does now no longer assure you the first-rate effects, you ought to realize hair transplantation healing methods and fees and realize what applies to you.


    And Do now no longer pass for faux advertisements-make studies with the aid of using yourself. Find the middle with low cost hair transplant over the net after which enquire personally.



    Is DHI hair transplant everlasting and really well worth it?


    Yes, the DHI hair transplant process lasts a protracted time. Because of its a success method, it produces herbal effects. In addition, a DHI hair transplant allows for stepped forward hair improvement control and faster recovery. However, this method is extra luxurious than different techniques, consisting of FUE hair transplantation.


    Therefore, when you have sufficient monetary backup, a DHI hair transplant surgical procedure is really well worth it.


    Is DHI hair transplant painful?


    No, that isn't always the case. You will now no longer revel in any soreness in the course of the injection of nearby anesthesia earlier than the hair transplant operation as a result of using sedation. This will assist folks who are frightened of needles, and permit them to loosen up in the course of the operation. The diploma of soreness that became formerly minimum has now been absolutely decreased way to the DHI method.


    What is the fulfillment price of DHI hair transplant surgical procedure?


    Due to the thicker hair transplantation and the shortage of an incision, blood go with the drift improves and the hair roots are properly provided in DHI. However, if blood go with the drift is slowed, the follicles will now no longer be capable of feed themselves. All of this, in addition to the alternative advantages supplied with the aid of using DHI hair transplantation, has ended in a fulfillment price of as much as 95%.


    Is DHI hair transplant secure?


    The DHI device permits for correct placement of the hair tissue, ensuing in a low hazard of scarring. There isn't anyt any want for an incision with the DHI hair transplant process. The thickness, spacing, and role of the hair follicles inserted are all managed with the aid of using the DHI tool. So, hair transplantation with DHI is a secure process with a low hazard of complications.


    Does DHI hair transplant depart scars?


    No, the DHI hair transplantation does now no longer depart any scar, reducing the follicle’s harm in the course of harvest. This is, of course, depending on your surgeons and the clinical staff’s competence, revel in, and education, your post-operation care, and your frame system. If, however, minimum scars arise, they may be so tiny that they may be invisible, and blanketed with the aid of using your new hair.


    How lots DHI hair transplant fee in Turkey ?

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