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A team of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Hair transplantation is an art: it requires solid knowledge, undeniable technical expertise and an artistic eye. But your stay doesn't end with your hair transplant session. The administrative team welcomes you and remains at your disposal throughout the day to make sure you have a good time, in complete confidence and relaxation.The team in operation has an experience of at least 5 years and maximum 15 years.

Mustafa Yilmaz

My vision of hair transplantation is totally in line with this perspective: to be at the service of regained well-being through effective techniques that give natural results. The hair, in women of course, but in men, it is the force of life, it is the finery. Losing them is truly an injury, a trauma. It’s terrible!

Also, I enjoy listening to my patients and never judging them. I am then able to give them the best advice and allow them to regain their self-confidence.

I naturally surrounded myself with a caring, expert and extremely rigorous team in its field to be sure to offer men and women who suffer from baldness solutions that work, without ever ignoring safety and reliability.

The used techniques depend on Dr. Mustafa Yilmaz decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.

Emine Karabash

I started dermatology almost 15 years ago now and thanks to my encounters with other dermatologists, I quickly turned to medical aesthetics.

More and more women and men want to feel good about their hair, and when this is the case, one gains confidence in oneself, in everyday life, in social life and in work.

I have also always remained "classic", in this movement that is now called the "Soft touch", namely to privilege discretion, elegance, and of course, naturalness. Not ostentatious! I prefer to repair what is damaged, rather than change or modify.

The used techniques depend on Dr Emine’s decision after doing the medical diagnosis, Choi Pen / DHI - Sapphire - Micro FUE are used normally in our operations.


She is the one who sees you in consultation and who makes the diagnosis. On D-Day, Ayse. starts the procedure with local anesthesia in your donor area. She is present throughout your intervention, ensuring its perfect completion, with the support of her team of experts.

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    beard transplant, beard transplant cost, WHY YOU SHOULD GET A BEARD TRANSPLANT, THE RESULTS LOOK REAL MOVING PAST HAIR PLUGS, How lots does a beard implant fee, How do you recognize that a beard implant is a success

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    PROS & CONS OF BEARD TRANSPLANTS — PLUS A FEW ALTERNATIVES A burly beard is one of the sexiest traits a person can own. But what takes place ..


    A burly beard is one of the sexiest traits a person can own. But what takes place while you need to develop a beard however simply can’t.


    This may be without a doubt heartbreaking, however there's hope. With beard hair transplants — or beard transplants, it's far feasible to convert naked toddler faces into manly gardens of luscious facial hair.Beard Transplants Before and After


    Like all hair transplants, beard transplants contain doing away with hair from one a part of the frame – the donor web website online – and implanting it some other place at the frame – the recipient vicinity. In the case of beard transplants, the hair is inserted into the cheeks, chin, or neck.


    But beard transplants do own a few clinical dangers and may be pretty costly. Fortunately, there are options that is probably higher desirable in your face and wallet. Below I spotlight numerous pros, cons, and options that will help you determine whether or not or now no longer a beard transplant is proper for you.



    With years of verified effects, beard transplants are the handiest manner to create new hair boom at the face. They use your very own hair to create practical effects. Furthermore, the surgical operation and recovery technique are each extraordinarily short and typically painless.



    Beard transplants are a selected shape of facial hair transplantation wherein hair is eliminated from one a part of the frame and inserted into small incisions at the chin, cheeks, or neck. Like all hair transplants, the technique includes the use of your very own hair to create new hair boom.


    Follicular Unit Excision vs. Follicular Unit Transplantation


    However, now no longer all beard transplants are the equal. Today, surgeons normally use one in every of  predominant procedures primarily based totally at the wishes of the affected person:


    Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)is the maximum not unusualplace shape of hair transplant surgical operation and is carried out in some easy steps:


    The donor vicinity and recipient regions are reduce to make the elimination and insertion of hairs easier.

    Tiny holes are drilled into the face in which the transplant goes to take region.

    Individual hairs are eliminated from the scalp with the follicle intact — those are referred to as follicular gadgets

    The follicular gadgets are implanted into the holes at the face.

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the second one maximum not unusualplace hair transplant surgical operation and includes strip harvesting and dissection. This technique is a piece extra complicated than FUE however continues to be pretty easy:


    Like FUE, hair at the donor and recipient hair is shaved, and holes are first drilled into the face.

    A small strip of hair-included tissue is reduce from the scalp to every other a part of the frame with the hair follicles intact — that is referred to as strip harvesting.

    The wound created through strip harvesting is sealed.

    The harvested strip of tissue is dissected into smaller sections below a microscope.

    Sections of tissue with one to 4 hair follicles are grafted onto the face.

    Sometimes, each of those methods could be used collectively to create the excellent effects. But whether or not FUE, FUT, or each is used, beard transplants constantly use your very own obviously developing hair. There is not anything faux approximately this remedy.



    Until the overdue 1980s, hair transplants concerned the use of big, 4mm punch scalpels to eliminate quantities of hair-included tissue. These big chunks of hair have been then “plugged” into regions with out hair. Over time, humans commenced negatively regarding those hair transplants as “hair plugs.”


    Punch Scalpels in Various Sizes


    PUNCH-SCALPELS IN 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, three, three.5, four, 5, 6, & eight MM SIZES


    The unrealistic look of hair plugs led Dr. Bobby Limar to increase FUT in 1988.  FUE become additionally first added in 1988, however it become now no longer subtle till 2002. In 2017, it overtook FUT because the maximum practiced shape of hair transplantation surgical operation, and through 2020, 66% of hair transplants have been finished the use of FUE alone. None concerned the use of hair plugs.


    There are only a few research on affected person delight with beard transplants in spite of the truth they have got accelerated through over 557tween 2012 and 2019. However, research approximately affected person delight with standard hair transplants have continuously proven advantageous effects. For example, of folks that obtained hair transplants thru strip harvesting confirmed that 98% rated the effects as “exact” or “excellent.” Additionally, a 2020 observe confirmed that 90% of the sufferers have been happy or very happy with the effects of FUE.


    In brief, hair transplants are these days the effects are incredibly practical and the good sized majority of sufferers are happy with the effects in their hair transplants.



    Beard transplantation surgical operation and the recovery technique take little or no time in comparison to many different surgical procedures. Typically you’ll be inside and outside of the doctor’s workplace inside an afternoon and returned to paintings the next.


    Beard transplants are regularly finished in a single consultation, aleven though they every so often would require  or 3 relying on how lots hair is being grafted onto the face. Each consultation can take everywhere among  to twelve hours with maximum lasting below eight.


    The recovery time, however, takes place in the first few weeks of a beard transplant and is extraordinarily mild. Typically, the holes at the face will scab over a skinny crust across the edge. These will normally fall off inside some days. Very not often are there any headaches.


    Ned Kelly Beard

    After 3 or 4 weeks, the transplanted hairs will fall out of the face, and the brand new beard will start to develop. Within 3 to 6 months, you may be carrying a complete Ned Kelly beard.


    It is crucial to notice that recovery time might also additionally take longer with FUT. The donor web website online will regularly want to be stitched or sealed through your doctor, and this could take longer to heal than the tiny punctures created through FUE.



    At this point, you will be offered on beard transplants. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t additionally inform you approximately the awful aspect of beard transplants. Scarring is unavoidable and different headaches might also additionally increase. Unskilled surgeons or preexisting fitness results.



    Both FUT and FUE will normally bring about everlasting scarring. This is normally worse with FUT due to the fact a strip of tissue is eliminated from the donor web website online. When the donor web website online heals, the authentic wound becomes a scar, however this scar is normally simply a totally satisfactory line that may be included with present hair. However, a brief haircut would possibly make the scar noticeable.


    FUE lessens the danger of scars and reduces the opportunity that they may be effortlessly noticed. Since mini and micrografts are used, small round scars might also additionally seem on the web website online in which character hair follicles are eliminated. These are normally very small and are normally invisible despite a brief haircut.


    FUE vs FUT Scars at Donor Site




    Both sorts of hair transplantation may additionally depart scars on the recipient web website online. Because there are puncture wounds in which the hairs are transplanted, small round scars might also additionally increase round those regions. However, just like the scars left through FUE on the donor web website online, those are small and regularly included through the brand new beard.


    There is the opportunity ofmore severe terrible aspect results along with contamination on the donor or recipient web website online. However, the danger of contamination is extraordinarily minor, mainly if the affected person makes the attempt to exercise right hygiene and cleansing workouts throughout the recovery technique.



    While maximum headaches may be averted through a professional doctor, on occasion a doctor can create extra issues than they solve. For example, if they're acting FUT, they may reduce too deeply into the donor web website online that could result in a huge scar.


    Additionally, there's the danger of overharvesting. This happens whilst a doctor takes too many hair follicles from a unmarried donor web website online. In the case of FUE, this could make the pinpoint scars lots extra noticeable. With FUT, this could result in a huge scar and unusual hair boom.


    Wide Scar through Botched FUT Procedure




    Another worry consists of necrosis on the donor or recipient web website online. Necrosis happens whilst blood movement is decreased to the. vicinity. This every so often happens whilst a wound is sealed too tightly after strip harvesting throughout FUT.


    However, necrosis also can arise for different reasons. Even if the wound is sealed correctly, character sufferers with bad blood movement might also additionally enjoy necrosis. If sufficient blood can’t get to the web website online of the wound, the tissue can die.


    Fortunately, whilst scarring is sort of constantly unavoidable, maximum different headaches may be averted. First, communicate for your medical doctor earlier than you make a decision to get a beard transplant. Your medical doctor let you apprehend when you have preexisting fitness situations that would get withinside the manner of a success beard transplantation. Unfortunately, in a few situations, those situations might also additionally suggest it is excellent to keep away from beard transplants altogether.


    Additionally, you must do thorough studies into diverse surgeons earlier than scheduling an appointment. Look at their beyond surgical procedures and ensure they are able to show that they have got a file of a success surgical procedures. Read evaluations and try and find earlier than and after pix of surgical procedures achieved. These let you to keep away from headaches which could increase from poorly achieved surgical operation.



    It’s not likely that your medical insurance can pay in your new beard. More than likely, you’re going to should pay out of pocket. There are exceptions, however those are normally uncommon.


    For example, if the hair loss is resulting from fire, accident, or injury, then the hair transplant might also additionally qualify as reconstructive surgical operation. Still, that is some thing you’re going to should show earlier than your coverage comes to a decision to fork up any cash.


    The trouble is that many humans can be not able to find the money for a beard transplant. While many beauty surgical procedures are lots extra high priced, beard transplants will normally fee you among £three,000 to £7,000. The fee relies upon on various of things together with the whole wide variety of classes needed, marketplace demand, and in which you stay.



    Beard transplants aren't proper for absolutely each person. Fortunately, there are different methods to growth beard hair boom and thickness. However, those options aren’t constantly what they’re cracked as much as be. Some are simply straight-up scams — like several the ones beard boom dietary supplements that appear to be flooding the marketplace.



    Minoxidil is a drug that has been used to deal with hair loss because the overdue 1980s. It is offered below many extraordinary logo names, however “Rogaine” might be the maximum famous.


    Rogaine Minoxidil Topical Hair Growth Treatment


    Between the Nineteen Fifties and 70s, minoxidil become examined as a remedy for hypertension, however whilst a 1972 observe confirmed sudden hair boom in check subjects, the entirety changed. By 1988, the FDA had permitted minoxidil as a remedy for hair loss. Eight years later it become being offered as an over the counter medicine with diverse familiar variations available.


    Today, there are topical lotions and foams that may be unfold to growth hair boom in precise regions of the frame. Additionally, there are minoxidil capsules you may take to growth standard hair boom.


    Many research guide minoxidil’s cappotential to deal with male-patterned baldness. However, there's much less studies approximately the impact of minoxidil on beard hair boom. Nonetheless, the studies that does exist is advantageous. A 2016 observe, for example, confirmed that minoxidil brought about extra beard hair boom in comparison to placebos.


    One trouble with minoxidil is that you may in no way prevent the use of it. Once you prevent, your hair will fall out. Minoxidil isn't a treatment for hair boom; it's far a remedy which could make hair develop as lengthy because it is still used.



    Minoxidil is a drug with years of verified effects that beard boom dietary supplements are very well lacking. There is little studies to show they do something besides fee you cash. Nonetheless, clickbait articles throughout the blogosphere promise “beard boom dietary supplements that genuinely paintings.”


    But there’s no dependable proof to guide those claims.


    Unlike hair transplant surgical operation or minoxidil, there aren't anyt any independent, peer-reviewed research to show the effectiveness of beard dietary supplements. Furthermore, a lot of those are simply nutrients and vitamins you may purchase lots extra affordably some other place.


    Beard Growth Supplements Vitamins



    Androgen dietary supplements like DHT, DHEA, and DIM also are touted through many as treatment-alls for beard hair boom. In their defense, they on occasion paintings due to the fact they obviously produce extra “masculine” capabilities whilst injected into the frame. However, now no longer absolutely each person responds to those hormones withinside the equal manner. While one character might also additionally develop a beard, every other would possibly simply go through testicular shrinkage.


    In brief, beard boom dietary supplements are a scam. Don’t fall for it.



    Another regularly-stated opportunity to beard transplants is to simply stay a healthful existence. Many alternatives we make can purpose reduced beard hair boom. Thus, a few humans purpose that if we prevent doing the ones bad matters and begin doing healthful matters instead, then beards will obviously develop.


    But there’s no proof to signify that is true. Living a healthful existence is usually an awesome idea, however it doesn’t suggest you’re going to have any extra good fortune developing a beard.


    It must be referred to that workout, sleep, weight loss plan, and exact hygiene can all help beard boom. If you do get a beard transplant, getting sufficient workout and sleep, consuming well, and working towards exact hygiene might also additionally in a roundabout way facilitate the recovery technique and result in extra advantageous effects. But doing these items and not anything else likely won’t result in a brand new or higher beard.



    The handiest character which could solution this query is you. There are many advantages to a beard transplant, however there also are dangers. If you make a decision in opposition to a beard transplant, absolutely look into options earlier than selecting something. Don’t simply exit and purchase a few dietary supplements from a few random dude’s weblog due to the fact he guarantees they’ll paintings. Do your studies, communicate for your medical doctor, and discern out what’s excellent for you, your fitness, and your wallet. What to Know About Beard Implants




    Success vs. failure

    Side results


    Finding a provider

    Implant options


    For a number of guys, developing a beard isn’t as easy as fending off a razor and letting nature take its course. Stubble doesn’t constantly develop uniformly at the face, ensuing in patchy facial hair rather than a elegant beard.


    Or, you could have inherited genes that make any form of beard boom nearly impossible.


    But simply as you may transplant your very own hair to the pinnacle of your head to address a receding hairline, you may additionally attempt a beard implant in case your facial hair follicles aren’t cooperating.


    A medical doctor will first want to assess your pores and skin and hair to ensure you’re an awesome candidate, after which you’ll should determine if it’s really well worth the expense.


    Like any clinical method, there’s now no longer a a hundred percentage assure you’ll be glad with the effects. Beard transplant scars are constantly a danger.


    But if you may discover a certified provider, it can be really well worth as a minimum investigating whether or not some hours in a medical doctor’s workplace can offer a beard to final a lifetime.


    What is a beard implant?

    A beard transplant is simply that: Hair is taken from one a part of the frame and transplanted for your jawline and anyplace you need your beard to develop.


    That sounds easy sufficient, however it’s a as an alternative concerned technique. There are  predominant procedures a doctor can take:


    Follicular unit extraction (FUE). This method is accomplished through harvesting entire follicular gadgets one by one from the donor vicinity. FUE is much less painful, which might also additionally provide an explanation for why it’s the extra typically achieved method

    Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). For this method, a doctor cuts a small strip of tissue from the returned of the pinnacle and gets rid of the hair follicles from that tissue.

    A follicular unit is a small grouping of numerous hair follicles that could emerge thru the pores and skin thru the equal go out point.


    Both methods take everywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 hair follicle grafts or extra from the returned of the pinnacle, normally degree together along with your ears, or a bit decrease, and implant them at the face.


    A graft is a hair follicle that’s transplanted.



    What’s the method like?

    Here’s a top level view of the stairs concerned withinside the method:



    Whether you’ve selected to have a FUE or a FUT, your doctor’s first step could be to shave the vicinity for your head that’s being harvested.


    This offers them a clearer view of the hair follicles. Before the harvesting begins, you’ll take delivery of a neighborhood anesthetic, so that you won’t experience the harvesting or the implantation.



    Once the follicles were harvested out of your head, the doctor will inject a neighborhood anesthetic into the vicinity of your face in which the implants could be placed. Then, the doctor will implant every follicle into your facial pores and skin, shaping your new beard the manner you and the medical doctor agreed on previous to surgical operation.



    You’ll want an afternoon to get over the beard implant surgical operation. Tiny crusts might also additionally shape round every newly implanted hair follicle, however those must flake off inside some days.


    After approximately every week to ten days, you must be capable of begin shaving usually and trimming your new beard.


    A phrase of warning, however: Your new beard hairs might also additionally fall out after 2 or three weeks. This is normal, and new hair must develop in to take their region.


    Who’s an awesome candidate for this method?

    Because hair follicles are harvested from the returned of your head, it’s crucial which you have healthful hair follicles on this vicinity.


    This region has a tendency to be a number of the final regions to head bald, so even in case you’re beginning to lose a few hair on pinnacle, you likely nonetheless have healthful boom at the returned of your head.


    Your transplant doctor will observe your scalp and decide if there are sufficient follicular gadgets to transplant.


    If there doesn’t seem like sufficient hair follicles to harvest, your medical doctor might also additionally advise opportunity treatments.


    How do you recognize that a beard implant is a success?

    Regardless of the form of method achieved, inside three or four months, the transplanted hair follicles must be settled into region and developing.


    You’ll recognize the beard implant become a success if, at eight or nine months, you've got got a complete, healthful beard that you may deal with as aleven though it were there all along.


    While each FUE and FUT can produce herbal-searching beards, FUT beards have a tendency to be fuller.


    This is due to the fact extra follicles are normally harvested whilst a strip of pores and skin is eliminated. So in case your aim is a thicker-searching beard, take into account FUT.


    Beard transplant failure is uncommon and is normally the end result of wrong harvesting from the donor vicinity. This is why it’s crucial and really well worth paying extra to select an skilled hair healing doctor.


    Are there any precautions or aspect results to be conscious of?

    After surgical operation, the harvested vicinity for your head and the implanted vicinity for your face will want unique care. Both webweb sites must be stored clean.


    Home care instructions

    Your medical doctor will come up with domestic care instructions. These might also additionally encompass the usage of antibiotic ointment in your scalp and face.


    Some sports to keep away from for as a minimum the primary numerous days encompass:



    publicity to direct sunlight


    the use of a sauna or warm tub

    strenuous bodily activity, mainly something that’ll purpose a sweat

    touching, rubbing, or scratching the harvested or implant regions

    You can be recommended to now no longer wash your face for some days or as a minimum keep away from scrubbing. Your pores and skin could be touchy and itchy, however to keep away from inflammation and contamination, try and depart it alone.


    Potential aspect results

    Your face and scalp may additionally enjoy the subsequent aspect results:






    transient scabs or crustiness

    Scarring withinside the donor vicinity is not unusualplace, however regularly your herbal hair boom will cowl it up. FUE leaves many small, regularly-unnoticeable scars. FUT, however, leaves an extended singular scar at the returned of the pinnacle.


    The implant regions for your face shouldn’t enjoy any scarring, however there could be a few transient scabs. If crustiness, redness, swelling, or inflammation maintains after multiple weeks, make sure to inform your medical doctor.



    How lots does a beard implant fee?

    Beard transplants aren’t cheap. They can fee upward of $15,000 relying at the wide variety of grafts needed. Partial transplants — to fill in facial regions that presently don’t develop hair — can fee among $three,000 and $7,000, once more relying at the wide variety of grafts implanted. You’ll need to speak about this fee together along with your medical doctor at your preliminary session.


    Before the method, your medical doctor will want to observe your scalp and face to decide in case you’re an awesome candidate. That session go to may additionally include a fee, relying at the medical doctor. When making your appointment, make sure to invite how lots the session go to will fee.


    Because beard transplants are beauty methods, they’re now no longer included through coverage. Some docs can help you pay in installments, so make sure to invite approximately financing alternatives.


    How to discover a certified provider

    You need to paintings with an skilled hair healing doctor.


    Given the fee, dangers of headaches and scarring, and the preference for max effects, don’t try and shop cash through going with a much less skilled or less expensive doctor.


    You ought to emerge as with infected hair follicles. Or, the surgical operation might not take, and also you lose your implanted hair permanently.


    To ensure you’re running with the proper medical doctor, take a look at to peer if they’re licensed through the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons.


    Certification way the medical doctor has logged a large wide variety of hours working towards and gaining knowledge of the craft.


    During the session go to, questions you must ask encompass:


    Are beard transplants one in every of your specialties?

    How a few years have you ever been doing those methods, and what number of methods have you ever accomplished?

    Do you carry out each FUE and FUT surgical procedures? What’s your enjoy with every one?

    Personal testimonials are constantly helpful. If you recognize a person who has labored with a selected medical doctor, ask approximately their enjoy and effects.


    To discover a licensed hair healing doctor, go to https://abhrs.org/find-a-physician/.


    What are the options to beard implants?

    If a beard transplant appears too invasive, high priced, or each, there are a few options to take into account.


    Minoxidil (Rogaine)

    Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a not unusualplace remedy for hair loss at the scalp, however it can additionally be powerful at stimulating hair boom at the face. Topical minoxidil is offered in liquid and foam varieties.


    One disadvantage is that after you prevent making use of it, your new hair boom normally slows down and forestalls altogether.



    Minoxidil become firstly created as a medicine to decrease pressure. One acknowledged aspect impact may be a drop in blood pressure, so take a look at together along with your medical doctor when you have a coronary heart situation or take different medicines for blood pressure.



    Other merchandise that could improve beard hair boom encompass dietary supplements containing the B diet biotin, which facilitates foster healthful hair boom.


    Another complement referred to as L-carnitine-L-tartrateTrusted Source may additionally improve hair boom for your scalp and for your face.


    Lifestyle behaviors

    And despite the fact that hair boom is basically decided through genetics, a few way of life behaviors might also additionally assist you boost up beard hair boom:


    Exercise to enhance movement, which in flip helps hair follicle fitness.

    Eat a healthful weight loss plan wealthy in lean proteins, zinc, iron, complete grains, and end result and greens filled with nutrients A, B, C, D, and E.

    Get 7 to eight hours of sleep every night.


    Beard implant surgical operation is one manner to fill gaps to your beard or assist you set up a beard in which none could develop earlier than. It’s an invasive and high priced method, however the results are lengthy-lasting.


    Depending at the form of implant surgical operation, you could have one lengthy scar at the returned of your head that may be included through hair boom or many tiny scars which can be regularly too small to peer.


    If you don’t need to head the implant route, you may constantly attempt topical merchandise, along with minoxidil, to enhance beard hair boom, or you may attempt taking dietary supplements.


    Whatever path you select, communicate together along with your medical doctor first approximately the dangers and advantages of surgical operation, topical medicines, and dietary supplements.


    Your genes can be responsible for very little beard boom, however you've got got alternatives in case you need facial hair to your future.

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