• Tags: How is a DHI Hair Transplant done, What are the ranges of the DHI approach, Who wishes DHI manner, How is DHI Hair Transplantation Performed, CHOI Pen in DHI Technique, DHI vs FUE

    How is a DHI Hair Transplant done, What are the ranges of the DHI approach, Who wishes DHI manner, How is DHI Hair Transplantation Performed, CHOI Pen in DHI Technique, DHI vs FUE

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    How is a DHI Hair Transplant done? DHI Hair TransplantHome DHI Hair TransplantDHI(Direct Hair Implant) is changed model of FUE hair implantation a..

    How is a DHI Hair Transplant done?

    DHI Hair Transplant

    Home DHI Hair Transplant

    DHI(Direct Hair Implant) is changed model of FUE hair implantation and follows a comparable manner. Our general practitioner will take away hair follicles from part of your scalp, generally the lower back of your head, and implant them into balding regions via way of means of Choi Pen.


    What are the ranges of the DHI approach?


    Treatment Summary

    Duration of the Operation

    5-eight Hours


    Local Anesthesia

    Hospital Stay


    Full Recovery

    1-7 Days

    Return to Work



    Life Time Warranty


    Luxury Hotel

    VIP Transfer


    Before & After

    Definitive and brilliant consequences

    You can see the consequences via way of means of swiping the arrow withinside the center left or right.

    Who wishes DHI manner?

    People with androgenic alopecia, that's the maximum not unusualplace form of hair loss,make the excellent applicants for hair implantations, specifically for women.


    The following traits additionally make you an awesome canditate for DHI manner


    No shave. It is the maximum best approach for folks who do now no longer choose a whole haircut. Specially for women, that is the maximum advocated approach for hair transplantation.


    No scar. Since there may be no channel commencing stage, there may be no scar after the operation and consequently it's far greater high quality than the FUE approach.


    Quick recovery. Since there may be no channel commencing stage, so clean recuperation length than FUE approach.



    What is the Difference Between DHI and FUE Hair Transplantation?

    The important distinction among DHI hair transplantation and FUE is that the FUE operation is completed in 3 unique methods and consequently the recuperation and operation instances are prolonged. In DHI hair transplantation, grooving and hair follicle transplantation methods are performed via a unmarried technique way to the choi pen. FUE remedy entails the technique of doing away with hair follicles, commencing hair canals withinside the place to be transplanted, and transplanting hair follicles into new canals. In the DHI approach, this technique is shorter. The important variations among the 2 strategies are as follows:


    Unlike FUE, channel commencing and planting methods are performed collectively in DHI.

    Hair follicles at the implanter pen are without delay implanted with out commencing the channel.

    Implanter needle is utilized in DHI hair transplantation.

    Estecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi

    How is DHI Hair Transplantation Performed?

    In DHI hair transplantation, hair follicles are gathered first, as in FUE. These roots are then located withinside the choi pen. The Choi pen makes it feasible to carry out hair transplantation with out the want for brand spanking new hair channels. With the assist of a pen, a hair transplant operation is completed speedy to the preferred place.



    What are the Benefits and Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

    DHI Hair transplantation has many benefits over the Fue approach. Thanks to those benefits, it's far much more likely to have a healthful hair transplant. These benefits may be indexed as follows;


    It is a quicker operation.

    Hair follicles are much more likely to stay healthful, as canal commencing and transplantation programs are mixed in a unmarried manner.

    Since there may be no channel commencing technique, the place to be transplanted does now no longer want to be shaved

    Since there may be no channel commencing operation, the quantity of wound and crusting is a great deal much less.

    More assured consequences are obtained.

    The recovery technique is a great deal quicker.

    All those elements make DHI hair transplantation high quality.



    What are the Considerations and Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

    There are a few conditions that want to be nicely researched and regarded throughout DHI hair transplantation. These conditions may be indexed as follows;


    DHI hair transplantation is a brand new approach in step with FUE.

    As it's far a brand new approach, the competence of medical doctors who will carry out DHI hair transplantation could be very important. Doctors who lack competence are probable to carry out a sowing this is a ways from aesthetic

    Before the hair transplant to be completed, the transplantation plan ought to be cautiously created. Otherwise, a hair transplant operation with out form can also additionally occur

    DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

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    Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is one of the latest hair transplantation strategies completed via way of means of the usage of a unique DHI Pen, additionally referred to as DHI Implanter, or CHOI Pen. DHI makes use of the CHOI Pen to manipulate the attitude, depth, and route of every implanted follicle. In the DHI approach, there may be no want for canal commencing due to the fact the extracted grafts are without delay implanted into the recipient place via way of means of the usage of the CHOI pen.


    CHOI Pen in DHI Technique

    CHOI Pen, additionally called Choi Implanter Pen or DHI Pen or DHI Implanter, is a pen-like device with a 0.5-1.5mm hole needle on its end.

    The CHOI Pen is used to implant extracted hair follicles into the recipient regions with out the requirement of canal commencing.

    The CHOI Pen allows specific manage of the implementation of every hair follicle. Therefore, it gives specific consequences.

    Thanks to the CHOI Pen, the extracted grafts do now no longer wait in a solution, they're loaded withinside the pen as quickly as they're extracted after which are implanted into the recipient regions. This will increase the survival fee of hair follicles and the achievement of the hair transplant.


    CHOI Pen in DHI Technique - DHI Hair Transplant Turkey - MCAN Health

    How Is DHI Hair Transplant Performed?

    How Is DHI Hair Transplant Performed

    DHI Hair Transplant is completed below neighborhood anaesthesia. DHI Hair Transplant takes from 6 to eight hours. And it entails those important steps:


    1. Consultation

    The character affected person traits are decided via way of means of the hair trichologist throughout the session via way of means of thinking about the purpose of hair loss, form of hair loss, the chance of hair loss development over destiny years, hair type (thick or thin), the affected person’s expectation, age, gender, and clinical history.


    During the session, the hairline is drawn primarily based totally at the herbal hairline and affected person wishes, and the recipient elements are decided with what number of grafts are wished at every place and what number of grafts may be gathered from the donor site. You can also additionally or won't be eligible for the DHI Technique relying at the quantity of your hair loss.


    If you surprise whether or not you're appropriate or now no longer, you may now have your hair transplant session online.


    2. Preparation

    Pre-op exams could be completed and your hair for your donor place could be trimmed, shaving won't be required in DHI. After that, your scalp could be sterilised.


    3. Local Anaesthesia

    Some sufferers suppose that hair transplant is a painless manner however now no longer the neighborhood anesthesia. For the only who can’t stand the ache or are scared of needles, MCAN Health’s Hair Transplant Team gives needle-unfastened anesthesia.


    4. Extraction

    Hair follicles smaller than 1 diameter are extracted from the donor regions via way of means of the usage of a selected tool referred to as “micromotor”.


    5. Loading Hair Follicle into the CHOI Pen

    The hair follicles are located one at a time withinside the CHOI Pen. The hair follicles are located in the needle recommendations with out touching via way of means of the usage of forceps in the hole needle.


    6. Implantation or Graft Insertion

    In DHI, hair follicles are without delay implanted into the recipient place via way of means of the usage of a pen referred to as Choi Implanter with a diameter of one mm or much less with out previous advent of holes or slits. So, there may be no want for an additional “canal commencing” step; implantation and canal commencing take place on the identical time way to the needle withinside the CHOI Pen.


    DHI vs FUE

    DHI makes use of the CHOI Pen to exactly manage the attitude, depth, and route of every implanted follicle. This approach creates a herbal hairline and a herbal appearance.

    In the DHI approach, the extracted grafts are without delay implanted into the recipient place, while withinside the FUE approach, extracted grafts are saved in a unique solution. Then, canals are opened withinside the recipient place, and subsequently extracted grafts are implanted into the opened canals. There isn't anyt any more step of commencing canals in DHI. Thanks to the CHOI Pen, it combines the ultimate 2 steps of FUE (canal commencing and implanting) into one step.

    There isn't anyt any bleeding in DHI for the reason that implantation is completed with the CHOI Pen with out commencing canals.

    There isn't anyt any crusting, pitting, and postulation in DHI.

    It is feasible to implant 45-60 grafts in step with cm2 in FUE, however, it's far feasible to implant 80-ninety grafts in step with cm2 in DHI with out decreasing the scalp blood supply. That approach the feasible most density may be executed with DHI. For example, in a positive receding place over the the front hairline, if the most graft numb with FUE is 1,000; it can be 2,500 grafts for the identical place withinside the DHI approach.

    The most variety of grafts in a single consultation with DHI may be round 2,500 grafts, while in FUE it may be as much as 5,000 grafts. So the sufferers who want over 2,500 grafts shall take delivery of a couple of consultation with DHI.

    Giving attitude and route to the implanted grafts is a great deal less complicated and greater a success in DHI with the CHOI Pen.

    There isn't anyt any want for shaving in DHI, simplest the donor place is trimmed. In FUE, the complete scalp ought to be shaved earlier than the manner.

    The affected person that has DHI can visit your regular ordinary a great deal faster than the affected person has FUE Hair Transplantation.

    The recuperation is quicker in DHI.

    Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

    The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) approach gives the maximum herbal appearance and the maximum hair density.

    The scar capacity is minimal in DHI and there may be no bleeding withinside the implantation section due to the fact the DHI Technique does now no longer contain canal commencing.

    The threat of crusting and postulation is likewise very low.

    Since the recuperation could be very rapid withinside the DHI approach, sufferers can cross lower back to their day by day workouts very rapid.

    Who Is A Good Candidate For DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    The maximum suitable applicants for Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) are the sufferers who:


    Need the front hairline transplantation,

    Need eye-forehead transplantation,

    Need beard and mustache transplantation,

    Do now no longer choose to be shaved for the operation,

    Want to have thicker and better density of their receding and balding regions (simplest if the donor place is appropriate and the recipient place isn't always large)

    Results of DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

    If you've got got hair loss for your the front line, DHI approach will provide you with pleasant consequences. Your general practitioner will recommend you the excellent and the maximum appropriate approach for you. They may additionally use hybrid strategies in which FUE and DHI strategies are used collectively in a single consultation.


    To discover greater approximately your non-public remedy plan, go to our hair transplant turkey page.

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